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More Poems by Jennifer Brough

Jennifer Brough
Jennifer Brough was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2006-2007

As part of her role, Jennifer was asked to write poems to commemorate various occasions. Here are two of her poems that she wrote for the European Indoor Athletics Closing Ceremony and an event for teenagers called Chance to Shine. She also wrote a poem for Holocaust Memorial Day.

You can read about Jennifer's experiences at the events in her online diary.

The Medal

Standing on the street corner
Revelling in bling
The runners, jumpers, players
Diving for the real thing
United by a dream
Shelves littered
Honours lost their sheen

Scrabbling for a win
Grasping for the gold
Finish line in sight

Everything's a blur
Throbbing pounding muscles refusing to ache
Prize, goal, win, medal, merit
This is your art
Something you can
Take it!

Wobbly legs, shaky exit
Pushy parent coaches
With jelly bellies breathing
Could you do better?
You know. You couldn't.
What's better than
First Place?


Pinpoint the panic at Number 10 where
Tony Blair's loosing hair
Over the youth of today who paint the town red,
While the cops come cover up in a neutral blue
Sirens flaring an entrancing melody
Captivating bystanders floating towards the backseats
Drive me somewhere, anywhere, let's dance
To the clanking of chains and suddenly
We're wearing stripes behind bars,
The horizontal, unflattering kind, but
Laurel and Hardy have nothing on us
As they serve us up Porridge.
We're innocent! All of us!
The watershed catchphrase wails through the cells
While the kids still decorate, paintbrush guns
A deeper shade of crimson
The one coat tint that so many unwillingly invest in
Hammer House of Homebase

In the street children play
While yonder round the corner, down the lane
Their folks fool around with petrol bombs below the bridge

I stare beneath the underpass
And wonder: what is the future
If not the sound of breaking glass?

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