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Schools of the future - A poem by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

Matt wrote Schools of the future for an event called Learning Spaces - Living Places at the ICC on 7 December 2007. The theme of the event was 'creating schools for the future' and the audience of over 100 included teachers, architects and artists. Matt was also invited to a Lord Mayor's Reception later in the day.

Schools of the future

What will schools be like when we're in the future
Will we all be taught by a... computure?
Because white boards once were black
And the teacher wouldn't hesitate to give you a smack
Will we go back to these ways?
Maybe one day, but what day
The day when cars aren't run by fuel
Or when 18 year olds are still attending school
When it's not unusual to see a space ship drive by
Or when you see an alien fly by
The day when galaxy isn't just a radio station
What's going to happen to education?
Maths English Science I.T
Graphics French and P.E
Is detention a lesson? Well it was for me
Will we be taught to rhyme in a primitive dialect flow?
There are 6 million other forms of communication... according to C.3.P.O
Will knowledge have a brain Like R.2.D.2?
Will buildings be brick or modern and see through?
Will all girls say does my bum look big in these space pants?
And will the sun be getting smaller and smaller so it's impossible to fry ants
Even though a glass that's magnifying
Will the teacher say today you're learning flying?
Will English still be a language? Will we even be on earth?
Will clouds be in the sky to distract you from lesson and will plants still grow through dirt?
Will we know about photosynthesis or just how to take a good picture?
Will old and new writing be sacred and not called a book but a scripture
Maybe homework won't be so boring... ha, ha yeah rite
Or maybe we won't get tired for school the next day when me and my mates stay up all night
When we get up and have breakfast will Shreddies still be school fuel
Will trousers past our bum and ties tucked in still be cool
Will students be teaching teachers? Will Jamie Oliver healthy eating be forgotten?
Will kids refuse to eat healthy because vegetables just taste rotten?
Will we still have a game of football or will Quidditch be the new sport
And will there be a pylon when the winning goal is scored?
Will there still be a brawl
In the park after dark with different schools
Or will the world be peaceful where man just says 'you cool?'
I wonder if bling will be the in thing and if everything depends on fashion
All this might not be too far away because life just flashing by.
I wonder why things change
Will we still use pen and paper?
And when we're on a lunch break can we play with a light sabre.
When you can do your homework and you just think what the use
Mrs my dog eat my homework, will that still be a good excuse.
I wonder if little kids will still be giving teachers cheek
But then they could get there own back and put you in the stock cupboard for a week
Though it's likely that by the time all this happens at school
It might be the day kids think poetry's cool.

© Matt Windle

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