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For You I Would by Megan Bradbury

Megan Bradbury was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2008-2009

Megan performed this poem at a shopping centre on Valentine's Day.
Find out more in her blog!

For You, I Would...

For you, I would...
Take a bath in a tub of baked beans,
Spend all my life eating nothing but sardines,
Drive my car up the Eiffel Tower,
Clean my teeth with self-raising flour,
Fly to the moon on a newspaper bird,
Paint my walls with lemon curd,
Use peanut butter to wash my hair,
Buy a penthouse appartment and sprint up the stairs

In fact, for you, I would do anything,
Miss Doctor Who on a Saturday night,
Follow a werewolf and ask for a bite,
Lie to my dad and say Bob Dylan is cool,
Ask for more homework from my teachers at school,
Live one whole day with no mobile phone,
Spend Halloween night in a house on my own,
Give up chocolate and sweets for Lent,
Stop buying books when my money is spent

For you, I would do anything,
Except those things,
I don't love you that much!

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