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Birmingham City - A poem by Matt Windle

Birmingham City - A poem by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

  Matt Windle at the Blues Ground
Matt is a massive Blues fan so getting to read his poetry out at St Andrews was a dream come true!
Matt says 'My poem was in the programme against Everton and then I done a performance at the ground in front of adults and children and also met two of the players.'

Birmingham City

Birmingham City, what a team
They're rough they're tough they're big they're mean
It's my dream for us to win the prem
Because we haven't won anything since... well way back then
We've had some average players but some good ones too
Thank god we've gone back to royal blue
I cried when we got relegated from the prem
But then we got promoted and were straight back up again
What happened to the team that were hard to beat and strong
We tried to play pretty football, but that went terribly wrong
All the games I go to we always seem to lose
I wish there was a way to build the capacity at the great St Andrews
My first ever game we beat Blackpool in a thriller
Can I get an Amen when I say I hate the Villa?
I remember when we won the league, the FA cup too
The only problem is it was on my ps2
So tactics for the game...score one more goal than them, capische?
It's either that or get a rollicking from big ek aka mcleish
I swear this team will be the death of me the reason I go grey
Can't we ever have some good luck? Not even for a day
They send me bonkers they drive me up the wall
Why couldn't I be a Man U fan so we could have won it all?
But it's Birmingham I love I'll be with them forever
Even through the bad times but preferably the better
Will we ever be a big, big club? Well I suppose that depends
But what ever happens I'll keep right on until the end
Of the road

Matt Windle

Birmingham Young Poet Laureate 2007-2008
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