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What's Bullying? A poem by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

Matt wrote What's Bullying for the Bullying Reduction event that was part of National Anti-bullying week.
Matt performed the poem in the Banqueting Suite at the Birmingham Council House in front of more than 200 children, young people and teachers from primary and secondary schools across the city.

What's Bullying?

So you're chilling with your mates at break playing footy in the yard
Then the bully strolls over to you because he thinks he's hard.
But naa, he's not hard at all
But you don't know this yet and he shout oi give me that football
You're only 5 feet and im 6 foot tall.
So you do what he wants, you act like he's a king
Now ok it's only a football so it's a bit of a small thing.
But as the days go on he starts to want more
It gets bottled up inside and in your bed room the tears they pour
You think your life is over it pointless it aint worth livin
But trust me if there's one thing u don't do, don't ever give in.
Be unforgiving; stay strong in your appearance but also in your mind
If you take the time to figure it out one day you'll find a way to beat him
But also don't be afraid to stick up for your self don't think you've got to stand there and take a beating.
Come on then so what's a bully any way?
Is it just a fighting thing? Or also another way?
There's lots of ways you can get bullied over the phone threatening texts
Mentally, physically and the rest.
So don be naive and think it's something that's cool or funny
Or now u can buy your MRS a nice present because you've robbed pocket money.
See it doesn't matter what you wear what you believe or what's your race
Whether their hair's not cool or you just don't like that look on their face.
See on appearance we're different but deep inside we're all the same
We all have blood running through our veins
Heart pumping and a brain
And the main thing, we all have is feelings
We all have rough times and some dodgy dealings
And I can guarantee nobody likes to be bullied so why would you for no reason want to hurt someone else?
The way I see things everyone should just keep them self to them self
But stand up for your self don't ever let any one take the micky
Because 9 times out of 10 that bully Is as soft as a kitty cat
And like a kit kat they'll break.
So take advantage of your life don't hurt people for the sake of it because that's not cool
Now im going to tell you something you probably hear every single day at school
But it takes a bigger man to walk away and I want to make this clear
The people with the big mouth, they aint the ones you need to fear!

© Matt Windle

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