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Terrible Tales to make you tremble

Books to keep you on the edge of your seat.....
...supernatural tales of vampires and ghosts, thrillers exploring the seedy underlife of the city, historical stories of secrets and witch hunts...

Gothic edited by Deborah Noyes

If Mary Shelley and Edgar Allen Poe were the mother and father of gothic writing, then this contemporary selection of dark tales is their terrible grandchild. Ghosts, serial killers, vampires, malevolent houses, witches, sorcerers and of course a count leap from the pages to terrify and disturb.

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Stone Cold by Robert Swindells

17 year old Link escapes his abusive step father for a life on the streets in London. The daily struggle to survive is made more bearable by new friends like Ginger, until that is, Ginger disappears. But not everything is as it seems and unknown to Link the homeless girl he falls for is a journalist on the trail of a serial killer preying on the homeless...

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Witch Hill by Marcus Sedgwick

After a terrible family tragedy caused by a fire, Jamie is sent to stay with relations in a remote English village. Instead of having time to recover in peaceful surroundings, he finds himself haunted by secrets of the village's terrible history. A terrified girl, an old woman and documents from a seventeenth century witch hunt are part of the mystery which Jamie must untangle.

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Candy by Kevin Brooks

The moment Joe sees Candy he is smitten. And the more time he spends with her, the deeper he falls. Into love, but also into danger. Because Candy lives in a different world, one driven by drugs and violence. Can Joe fight for Candy and what he believes in without getting caught up in a situation he may not get out of at all? Are the stakes just too high?

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My Swordhand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick

In the snowy forests of the seventeenth century a boy and his father settle on the edge of a unfriendly village to begin a life as woodcutters. Peter has never known why his father Tomas has made them move from place to place all their lives or how this links to the mysterious wooden box they drag everywhere with them. Then the beautiful Sofia arrives with her gypsy band of Vampire Slayers... Sedgwick draws on the ancient folklaw of Eastern Europe for this retelling of the bloodchilling vampire story.

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The Rag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier

Trent is a bitter and experienced interrogator with a reputation to uphold, famous for getting confessions in difficult murder cases. Alicia is an eight year old girl whose body has been found in the woods. And 12 year old Jason is the last person to see her alive...

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The Ghost Wife by Susan Price

Sophie is married to Harry. They share their farm with Harry's widower brother, Jon. The problem is, something else shares their home and their lives: the ghost of Jon's wife. A terrifying story of obssessive love beyond the grave from the Point Horror Unleashed series.
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Thanks to the following publishers for permission to feature their book covers:

The Rag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier
Stone Cold by Robert Swindells

Chicken Housewww.doublecluck.com
Candy by Kevin Brooks

Walker Bookswww.walkerbooks.co.uk
Gothic! ed Deborah Noyes

My Swordhand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick
Witch Hill by Marcus Sedgwick

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