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Fiction for Teenagers

What do you think of the books for young people in your local library?

Write a review or join your nearest Teenage Reading Group and get involved in choosing the books you'd like to see in the library.

You can also tell us what books you'd like to see in YOUR library using ourBooks4Usuggestions form. You could even win a book token!

Here's some ideas to get you started....

Jacqueline Wilson - Lola Rose
Lola Rose used to be called Jayni. But that was before she had to run away with her mom and brother to get away from her abusive father. Lola is forced to be much more grown up than she really feels...

Chris Wooding - Poison
Poison has always been a wilful, contrary girl prone to being argumentative and stubborn. She enters into a conflict between races of supernatural creatures. With only her wits and her friends to aid her, Poison must survive the lethal attentions of the Phaerie Lord and rescue her sister.

Anthony Masters - Hunted
Anthony Masters - Shark Attack
Two gripping stories from the master of adventure.

Bali Rai- The Crew
The Crew are a group of friends who find a sports bag full of cash in an alleyway behind the house of one of the gang. They aren't stupid. They know that the money almost certainly belongs to local drug dealers. What they don't know is what to do with the money. Should they keep it or hand it in to the police? Either way, they will be in trouble with people that they shouldn't upset.This is a fast-paced story told mostly by one of the boys in the gang with some chapters from the viewpoint of one of the girls. The dialogue is so real that you can hear the characters talking as you read. A believable and exciting story.

Sherryl Jordon- Sweet Sacrement
Haunted by a terrible childhood secret, Gabriel spurns family tradition and duties as the eldest son, to pursue a life of helping others. Against his will, Gabriel finds himself caught up in the power struggles of a corrupt Empire, endangering all that he loves.

Micky Singer- Doll
Tilly's biker mother gave her a doll on her deathbed, but there is something strange and dangerous about it. It brings Tilly into the path of Jan who is a boy with his own problems. They are the motherless misfits.

You can reserve these books online using the Library Catalogue. You need your library card and your pin number. If you don't know your pin number, telephone your local library.

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