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Poems by Jennifer Brough

Jennifer Brough
Jennifer Brough was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2006-2007

Below are the fabulous poems which Jennifer submitted when she applied for the post.


You finish my word,
And share my obsession with Cher,
Say the funniest things that I've ever heard,
And smile because you just don't care.

The pavement's the stage,
As we stroll in the rain,
No need to engage,
Our mouths with our brains.

When we're old,
I will honestly say,
You're the 'friend for life',
We'll meet up for bingo every Thursday,
To win plastic picnic knives.

9 Till 5

9 A.M., clock stop
Taxi cab, drop off
Trusty warm coffee shop,
Bam! Awake, quick hop,
Going up, building top,
Yawn a meeting, tick tock
Once one yawn, they can't stop,
Drowning in their coffee cups,
Business suits crease and flop,
Shuffle in the lift and drop,
Day descends, clock off.

Lay asleep but wonder,
Why briefcases plunder,
On the coffee cup, non stop,
Business clothes, rooftops,
Looking down, corporate sight,
Turn away, avoid the eye,
Up above in seas of grey,
9 A.M. another day.

Identity Warning. Do Not Exceed Maximum Dosage.

Egg. Sperm. X. Y. Tick
Label required.
"Jennifer: (Celtic) white wave/phantom" Tick.

Personality pills. Take with care. And water.
Wannabe writer (1 drop nailbiter)
GSOH (Fresh from the tin)
Quirky (will wear off in 3 hours approx.)
Paranoid (overdose likely, monitor patient)

And swallow.
Result = Content, disintegration regular, due to Paradox syndrome, smiling tears.
Offbeat... swings.
Escapism sought, mind brimming... One broken window.

Shelf the records ma'am/
/But Doctor the treatment, the pills...
Case Closed.



Have some education with your tea,
It comes in flavours, let's go see
The pollution revolution from my kitchen,
Which dries up whales on rusty beaches
Where the money junkies stash their cash,
Future problems and relics of the past,
The world has crumbled and we're on the moon,
But we're off to Jupiter all too soon,
They've sucked the oil and made it cheese,
into a cure for the common cold sneeze,
So thanks Mr President, Mr One for All,
It's every man for himself in this metallic brawl.

The tea was free, I'm off inside,
The sirens are going, it's nuclear time.

Jennifer has also written a special poem for Holocaust Memorial Day.

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