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A poem for Holocaust Memorial Day by Megan Bradbury

Megan Bradbury is the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2008-2009

Megan wrote this poem to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.
The theme for 2009 was Stand up to Hatred. Megan says

"It is a reply to the Steven Turner poem:
History repeats itself,
Has to,
Nobody listens"

Holocaust Memorial Day

Steven, We're Listening

Steven, we're listening,
We're here, and we're listening,
And remembering,
The Holocaust,
And all the people who died,
The Jews and the gypsies,
The gays and the lesbians,
Ethnic minorities,
Jehovah's Witnesses,
Anyone disabled, in body or in mind,
Anyone and everyone who wasn't a Nazi,
Those who stood for what they were,
And died for what they were,
And we remember them,
We're listening

But the thing is, Steven,
Is listening enough?
Because what if the Holocaust happened again?

But this time, it was
Green eyes, or red hair,
Atheists and communists,
Glasses and braces,
For being too fat, too thin, too old,
Or for reading poetry?
What if it happened again?
What then?

Is listening enough?
Is remembering enough?
We need to be ready to act,
I hope we're ready to act,
To stand up to hatred,
Along with remembering,
And listening,
And I hope that's why we're here

by Megan Bradbury

More Poems and Information about the Holocaust

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Some of the adult Birmingham Poets Laureate have also written commemorative poems.

Books and websites about the holocaust

You can find out more about the holocaust through the books on our Holocaust Memorial Day booklist for young people or by following the links from our page on websites about the Holocaust.

You can commission our current Young Poet Laureate to write a poem for an event.

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