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Poems by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

Below are the fantastic poems which Matt submitted when he applied for the post.

My Dream

My dreams to be a boxer and be a champ one day
Some may think it's brutal, but if you have a dream don't listen to what they say
You get a feeling I can't explain when you walk down to that ring
The way the whole place erupts when the bell goes, ding!
With this not in my life, I don't know what id do
I love the way the people are focusing just on you
I don't care about the money and all the fame
I just want to succeed in my number one game
Boxing has really helped me, it's made me grow up fast
If any body starts now I can let it pass
Id love to be a legend, have my name go on forever
But just living my dream that would be even better
Its more than a dream because I'm sure I'm still awake
But I can't see into the future so I don't know what I'll make
Boxing is good in mind it's also good in health
I don't want to be just another name I want to make something of my self
I want to get that buzz have nerves all in my belly
I want people to come to me and say 'I saw you an tele'
So if you haven't gathered my dreams to be a boxer
And if you have a dream don't let no-one stop ya!

© Matt Windle

Locked Up

I'm laying in my cell at me the judge has threw the book
I really shouldn’t be hear I'm far from a crook
But what’s done is done got to make the bad times good
Turn back the hands of time? I really wish I could
But I’ve found out who my friends are and who really is not
From who phoned me on that morning saying good luck in the dock
But I know I'm better with them out my life
Never have to see them again their now out of my sight
I’ve got all I need my family and friends
People that are true that will be hear until the end
I couldn’t ask for more my family’s been the best
Things happen threw this life they say it’s called a ‘test’
But it makes you a stronger person it helps you deep inside
Can’t wait till I'm a free man step 2feet out side
In this month or so I’ve saw things I’ve never seen
Up hear with the scousers and down there in the green
But being in this jail it’s really nothing to brag
Can’t wait till I'm out of hear and in my yard on tag
Everything that’s happened I can’t believe it at all
When I’ve looked out side a prison never thought id be on the other side of that wall
But there’s not long to go soon I will be free
Then my family and friends can celebrate with me!

© Matt Windle

Kicked Out

Kicked of school the door slams shut
Never given an option either get out or shut up
So I got out and built my own path
Not one day in my life have I ever wanted to go back
U do silly things in the heat of the moment
1minuet your in class the next your moms being phoned an
It mad how 1 thing can change your whole life
You think it's all bad but good will come out side
See I am glad that it turned out this way
Cause if it never, I wouldn't be hear on this day
I wouldn't be spitting and I would be writing
And just the thought of that, it gets me frightened
Some times you'll feel that life could be teasing
But always remember things happen for a reason
You might sometimes think not and you might sometimes ask why
We never really no that's all part of life
It wont happen like that the effect will nock on
But when you do realise why then you will clock on
But there's one thing that I always did do
I never lied to get out of trouble I always told the truth
And that is one thing that I have over them
I told it straight they had to pretend
But nothing is over it's only just the start
I have my whole life ahead so its forward I march!

© Matt Windle


When I come to the ring I want opponents to be frightened
I want to be a knock out puncher like the animal mike Tyson
I want fists to be hard so noses get flattened
I want to be a body puncher like Ricky Hatton
Make you feel dizzy you'll be put in a daze a
Have tough battles like Joe Frazier
The thing that decides whether you win
Is the amount of hard hours that you put in the gym
I wish I were invincible so no body could harm me
And dance around the ring like Mohamed Ali
Ill nock you out leave you on the floor man
I'm as hot as a grill like George Foreman
But like mike tice I'm not nice on fight night
But I want to be a legend like 'Winky' Wright
I want to be the person no body will doubt an
I want to be aggressive like Matt Skelton
I want to be a pest and I want to annoy ya
Want to go on forever like Oscar Delahoya
I want to be the person everybody will watch
But I don want a big mouth like the cobra Carl Froch
I want to go far I want dreams to come true
I want to be a soldier like Kostya Tszyu
I want to be big so no body can replace me
I want to go untouched like Calzaghe against Lacey
I want to be the best so Il always have ya
I want to be marvellous like Marvin Hagler
Cause I don fly like a butterfly I might not sting like a bee
But hey I'm not Mohamed I'm M-A-T-T

© Matt Windle

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