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Eating Disorders: A Booklist for Children and Young People

It is difficult for family and friends to know how to help when a young person has an eating disorder. It can also be very hard for the person themselves to recognise that they have a problem. This selection of books explains what an eating disorder is and how to get help. You can read also read about other young people's experiences.

Beeken, Claire - My Body My Enemy
The author, who suffered with an eating disorder since the age of 10 years old, gives an honest account of her struggle, success and recovery. Suitable for teenage readers.

Bell, Julia - Massive
A teenage novel about a mother and daughter who hide their eating disorders from each other and how this affects family and friends. Weight is a big issue for Maria and she attempts to control the amount of food her daughter Carmen eats. This obsession gradually rubs off on Carmen who blames everything that is wrong in her life on her weight. Eventually Carmen has to face up to her eating disorder even though her mother seems beyond help. The book is set in Birmingham and many readers will recognise the places described.

Bryan, Jenny - Eating Disorders
Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating are talked about in this book as well as the social issues surrounding them. It looks at why people suffer from these conditions, and what can be done to help them. Aimed at older teenagers.

Donnellan, Craig - Confronting Eating Disorders
An in depth-look at eating disorders, body image and obesity, suitable for older teenagers. As well as being an excellent source of information it also has a good index and further addresses and websites at the back of the book.

Fathallah, Judith Monkey Taming
When Jessica is thirteen, she meets the Monkey, a driving fiery voice inside her, which tells her that thinness is the only way to be safe and to escape the looming threat of adulthood. When Jessica finally finds herself in an adolescent psychiatric unit, she realises that she has to face down her Monkey or die. Using memory, reflection and dark humour, this powerful story was written by a teenager and inspired by her own experiences.

Haycock, Kate - Eating Disorders
An informative guide about dealing with eating disorders, containing several accounts of people who have suffered, aimed at older readers.

Morrall, Heather - The Echo Glass
A novel covering three years in the life of Jasmine, a teenager who responds to bullying by becoming anorexic. Through therapy and the support of friends, Jasmine finds strength inside herself and the ending is cautiously optimistic.

Naik, Anita Eating (Wise Guides)
With magazines constantly showing images of very thin models and giving details of yet another fad diet, it is not surprising that many teenagers feel unhappy with their body image. This book looks at diet and eating disorders and offers advice on how young people can eat healthily and improve their self-esteem by learning to love their bodies again.

Nottridge, Rhoda - We're Talking About Eating Disorders
Aimed at older children, this book looks at facts about eating disorders and advice on how to deal with them. It includes three case studies of young people who have suffered themselves and suggests helplines and further reading at the back of the book.

Sanders, Pete - Anorexia, Bulimia and Other Eating Disorders
Suitable for young people, this book looks at the different kinds of eating disorders, why and how they can effect people's lives. Contains some comic-style text.

Ure, Jean - Pumpkin Pie
Polly is stuck in the middle - of a glamorous older sister and a brainy little brother. When her dad starts calling her pumpkin, Polly decides to lose weight but as time goes on food becomes her enemy. Told in diary style, the book is both funny and comforting for young people facing the same feelings.

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