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Why Beef? A poem by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

Matt performed Why beef at a local school.

Matt says 'I wrote this poem because a lot of people talk about Birmingham, how they love Birmingham and then they go and harm another person in Birmingham so it's about how we should all stick together'.

Why beef?

People go out robbing thinking their some don
So a geezer pulls a strap because he's on his one
Pulls the trigger now one of your clicks gone
So its beef now yeah, the war is on
So the geezer thinks that he's now bad
But now he's got beef cause the other clicks sad
And there mad so they choose to go back for more
What started over nothing now is a gang war
So they shoot back and then you shoot back so then they shoot back, you shoot back again
And the beefs like that till the end
Till there's nothing left or your all locked in pen
Don't start things if you just think their waste
I wish I could go to a place that was safe
Any day but I don't think that is the case
Wish the trouble disappeared with out leaving a trace
Too many mans, thinking that their gangsters
But they aint G's most of them are pranksters
Shooters or shankers
Killing your own people this is madness
Like people prefer to live in sadness
You think this is how to act like the true G
Walking up to randoms rob them in the street
The way it is now a days every body has a weapon
But it's a bit dodgy you could go at any second
It's sort of like people carry for protection
Feds can do their jobs so we make an exception
Im only 17 but by the time im 20
My bredrins will be gone, at the minuet I've got plenty
I want to have fun I want to have a life
And when I go out I party all night
Don't want to get stabbed when im walking home
Don't want to get shot, just for my phone
Get a job get money get your own
Don't mind doing it to others but when its you, you moan
All the postcodes end in different numbers
But start with a B so all of this is dumbness
End of the day we all rep B somethin
With out that B the numbers mean nothin
Too many problems in life as it is
With out having to worry about dieing where you live
Just drop the problems let the beef leave
And I ask you, just stop the beef please

© Matt Windle

Birmingham Young Poet Laureate 2007-2008
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