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In the blocks - A poem by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

As well as being a poet, Matt is also an athlete and a boxer. He has written a lot of poems about sport including 182 miles, The Mat, Dream Team, and Birmingham City.
Matt says 'In the blocks was wrote about when I was 14 and became the 100m West Midlands champion.'

In the blocks

On your marks is said as I head for the blocks
When the gun goes I'm not gonna stop
What? False start
I can hear the pounding from the beat of my heart
I'm gonna run farrr and fast
I'm ready for the gun to blast
In my first race I thought I was gonna come last
But I won the race with out even warm up
For once in my life I got some good luck
Can't believe I've made the final
Head keeps spinning round like a vinyl
Get set is called as I prepare to blow
Come on hurry up I'm waiting for go
I hope my reactions won't be slow
Then bang! We're off
Until the finish line I'm not gonna stop
I'm feeling fast, flying like a plane
I'm in 5th gear and also in the fifth lane
Glance to my left glance to my right
From what I can see I'm doing alright
Lean forward knees high
I'm getting closer to the finish line
Nearly there and I'm sure that I'm winning
Been in front since the beginning
Few more steps I can't let it slip
Legs are shaking what if I trip
I'm starting to freeze I can't get stuck
And the man behind me is catching me up
But I know it, I'm leading
And there's people all around me cheering
And now I'm starting to slow down
I'm the champ awaiting my crown
Can't believe it mom's nearly crying
I don't smoke but I'm nearly flying
I never want this feeling to stop
Can't wait until I'm next in the blocks

© Matt Windle

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