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Launch of the search for Birmingham's Young Poet Laureate

Young Poet Laureate Birmingham
Take a look.
It not just a book.
It an open door
to a word store...
On Friday 20 May 2005 the search for Birmingham's first Young Poet Laureate was officially launched.

The audience was treated to a performance from Birmingham's 9th Poet Laureate, Don Barnard who had written a new poem especially for the Young Readers Birmingham festival (in full below).

Slam poet Dreadlockalien (aka Richard Grant) followed up with another push at the boundaries of live literature. Dreadlockalien later appeared in performance at Glastonbury and Young Readers Birmingham The position of Young Poet Laureate is being championed by world renowned Birmingham poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

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It’s not just a book

Take a look.
It’s not just a book.

It’s an open door
to a word store.
It’s an eye score
you’ll go for
more and more.
Not an e-zine,
not a magazine
for the teen-scene,
not a post-atomic
kiddy comic.
It’s massive, big !
It’s a wordygig
you’ve heard about
so check it out,
it’s genuine.
It’s a win-win
for the imagination

It’s a clean, green
time machine
to everywhen,
to what’s ever been,
know what I mean.
It’s a thoroughfare
to just anywhere,
to what’s out there.
It sets you free
and lets you be
Harry Potter
or Flashman (the rotter)
or Tarka the Otter
or a Gunpowder Plotter
or a who-knows-whatter.
cos it’s the best.

It’s a treasure chest,
your leisure Fest.
It’s a guaranteed
wicked read.
So take a look.
It’s not just a book.

Don Barnard 2005