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Stop Bullying! A Booklist for Children and Young People

Bullying can happen to anyone, at any age. Reading about how other children and young people deal with bullies can help you to cope.

All of these picture books, story books and novels have characters who have to deal with bullying. There are also some non-fiction books with suggestions about what you can do to stop bullying and helpline numbers if you need someone to talk to.

Picture Books

Browne, Anthony - Willy the Wimp
Willy wouldn't hurt a fly. He even apologises when someone hits him. He is bullied by the Suburban Gorilla Gang. Can body building be the answer? A light-hearted book with witty illustrations.

Butler, Christina - Big Bad Rex
Big Bad Rex wants Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops for his dinner. The three dinosaurs are terrified but decide to stop Rex's bullying. When Rex goes to the beach for a snack he has a big surprise. The dinosaurs have got all their friends together to teach him a lesson.

Rosen, Michael - Little Rabbit Foo Foo
A very silly story about a bully bunny who goes round bopping everyone on the head. The Good Fairy will only give him three chances to change his ways, before turning him into a goonie. Will he listen to the warnings?

Beginning to Read

Burnard, Damon - Bullysaurus
The dinosaurs play together nicely until the Bullysaurus arrives. He takes their food and pushes them around but the smaller dinosaurs win out by sticking together.

Rayner, Shoo - The Ginger Ninja
Ginger is a happy kitten until Tiddles comes to St Felix's. Tiddles builds up a gang and takes food from the other kittens and calls them unkind names, but Ginger stands up to him with the help of a "magic charm".

Wilson, Jacqueline - Monster Eyeballs
Mark is the class bully. He enjoys scaring everyone, but he has met his match in Kate and her monster eyeballs!


Cate, Dick - Bernard's Gang
Bernard feels left out when his special friend plays with someone else and now a big boy, with big fists is asking him for money. His dad says he should fight back, but is that really good advice? Perhaps what he needs is a gang of his own.

Mark, Jan - Lady Long-Legs
The year four girls like to make rules about which tiles people can walk on and which they can't. Nisba may be new at the school but she knows how to stand up for herself and have pride in being tall.

Wilson, Jacqueline - Bad Girls
Mandy is picked on at school by a gang of girls. They laugh at her clothes and hairstyle and make unkind remarks about her mum and dad. Mandy finds a new friend, brave and daring Tanya, who makes her feel happy again, but her mum says Tanya is a bad influence. She may have been shop lifting!

Wilson, Jacqueline - Buried Alive
A funny, adventure story about Tim and his friend Biscuits. They enjoy their holiday in Wales until they meet the bully "Prickle Head" and his mates. The story has an underlying message about how to be a real friend.

Teenage Fiction

Forde, Catherine - Fat Boy Swim
Jimmy is cruelly bullied at school for being obese so the last thing he wants is for it to be known that he has a special talent for cooking. But he has another talent too he doesn't even know about himself until a pushy priest forces him to start swimming and his whole life starts to change. A fast moving, funny and moving story of a likeable boy who finds the confidence to start living.

Forde, Catherine - Skarrs
Now 15, Danny's younger teenage years have been dominated by Jakey, the school bully and a racist, sexist, fascist rock group, Skarrs, whose influence have given him a name as a bad boy. Running along in parallel is his Grandpa Dan's story of incarceration in a Japanese prisoner of war camp told to Danny's ex-friend for a school project. After the death of his Grandpa Dan and his parents' split, Danny slowly realises what a mess his life is turning into. An extremely well written book that can literally make you gasp at times.

Gardner, Graham - Inventing Elliot
Elliot is badly bullied at school and when he is given the chance to move house and school he makes the decision to re-invent himself so he will never be picked on again. It works too well. He is noticed by the Guardians, who run the new school according to their own rules. However he is not bullied by them, he is asked to join them.

Gray, Keith - Malarkey
John Malarkey has just joined the enormous Brook High School and already finds he has made enemies of the Tailors, a gang who 'run' the school. However Malarkey is a strong, determined character willing to break a few rules himself to confront the bullying and blackmail.

Jarman, Julia - Hangman
When Danny moves to Toby's Secondary School his mother puts him under pressure to befriend Danny. However Danny is different and Toby dreads being seen as his friend and has to decide whether to side with the bullies or Danny. When their class visit Normandy a harmless game goes dreadfully wrong and Toby has to learn a difficult lesson. This is a gripping story that causes readers to reflect on the outcome.

Naidoo, Beverley - The Other Side of Truth
A powerful account of two refugee children and their illegal flight into England, their abandonment and final reunion with their politically outlawed father. Explores issues such as racism and bullying and the danger of, and necessity for, truth. Thought provoking.

Rees, Celia - The Bailey Game
When new girl Lauren starts to be bullied, Alex is haunted by memories of the last child to suffer. Bailey was picked on so badly that he tried to kill himself. Alex feels she did not do enough to stop it, so this time breaks the silence by telling her mother. The bully is ultimately defeated by a combination of the girl's ingenuity, the mother's intervention and prompt action by the school staff. This book shows that keeping silent about bullying has far worse consequences than speaking out.

Roy, Jacqueline - Playing it Cool
Grace goes to stay with her gran and finds her very different from what she expected. At first Grace joins in bullying her cousin but eventually sees how unpleasant she has been and puts things right.


De Bode, Ann and Broere, Rein - It's Always Me They're After
Peter moves into a new house and almost immediately has trouble with a bully who not only lives on the same street but is also in his class at school. His teacher tries to deal with the school situation, but he needs his mother's help to resolve the overall problem.

Charlish, Anne - We're Talking About Bullying
This book contains case studies for the children to discuss and is intended to help both the bullies and the bullied.

Elliott, Michele - Bullying
The author is the director of the charity "Kidscape" and gives sound advice aimed at younger teenagers. It has a very approachable format with a lot of quotes from teenagers and famous people who were bullied when young.

Green, Jen - I Feel Bullied
A simple introduction to bullying for young children which describes different types of bullying and the feelings of people who get bullied. Advises that the best thing to do if you feel bullied is to tell a grown-up. It has amusing cartoon style illustrations.

Johnson, Julie - How Do I Feel About Bullies and Gangs?
Good coverage of the subject for younger readers which includes the more subtle types of bullying as well as the more obvious types. "Tell someone" is the main message.

Powell, Jillian - What Do We Think About Bullying?
This book is aimed at primary age children and includes advice for parents and teachers.

Sanders, Pete - What Do You Know About Bullying?
This book has a comic strip story running through it to illustrate in fictional form the main points of the text. It has a chapter on racist bullying and briefly covers Bullying Courts and School Councils.

Solomon, Yvette - Dealing With Bullying
A book for older children that includes brief sections on bullying in institutions and sexual harassment and abuse, as well as the usual aspects of the topic. It stresses the importance of friends and gives advice on making and keeping friends.

Stones, Rosemary - Gangs and Bullies
This book describes the different forms bullying can take and gives advice on how schools and individuals can deal with the problem. It looks at the fine divide between gangs and groups and bullying and teasing and includes case studies.

Stones, Rosemary - No More Bullying
Shows school bullying from a child's point of view and how the victim can seem to be the one behaving badly. The problem is solved when the bullied girl plucks up the courage to tell her teacher what is going on and the class agree bullying is not a nice thing to do.

Thomas, Pat - Stop Picking On Me
A picture book which has a useful section about how bullies feel as well as good advice for the bullied.

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Finding Help

Freepost 1111.
N1 0BR.
(You don't need a stamp to post a letter to Childline at this address).
Telephone: 0800 111 (This helpline is free).

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline,
42 Curtain Road,
Telephone: 0808 800 5000 (This helpline is free).
Text phone: 0800 056 0566 (This helpline is free).

2, Grosvenor Gardens,
Telephone: 020 7730 3300
Helpline: 08451 205 204

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Bullying Online


A website set up by a charity called Changing Faces for young people aged 11-21 to discuss disfigurement, give and get advice and share personal stories.

Stories from the Web
Includes areas for different age groups with advice and online activities around the subject of bullying.
For 7-11 year olds: www.storiesfromtheweb.org/staysafe/antibullying711.html
For 11-14 year olds: www.storiesfromtheweb.org/staysafe/antibullying1114.html

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