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General Music Web Sites

search muze

Comprehensive database of information on music recordings distributed in the UK.
Available as an on-line subscription service, searchmuze is linked directly to muze's renowned MusicMaster, Classical, Soundtracks and Spoken Word Databases. Now includes videos and audiobooks. It enables users to search the entire UK back catalogue of music releases and the latest new and pre-release information.


This site is available to Birmingham Libraries users on public internet computers andon computers outside librariesif you have a library card.

all music

All Music Guide
Music sites on the Web, with over 30,000 entries, covering all styles.



Formerly known as CDDB, this is the world's largest database of CD titles and tracks. The site automatically identifies audio CDs played in your CD-ROM drive, with the artist, track and title names appearing on your desktop player as if by magic. A number of new features have been added, including the ability to recognise MP3 tracks in the same way, and download the latest music news and charts directly to your desktop.



Info Please
An American almanac of facts on the music industry, with top sellers, and concert information.


Music Lessons Online
Find out about learning different musical instruments and finding a teacher in your area. The site also includes descriptions and histories of many different musical genres.


music omh

Music OMH
Includes music features, podcasts, interviews and album and DVD reviews.


music search

Music Search
This is a search engine devoted to musical information on the Internet. There is a list of categories you can browse and a box where you can enter terms to start your search.


pop matters

Pop Matters
A site featuring music news, reviews and interviews.


Rate Your Music
An encyclopaedia of musical artists and releases. Users can catalogue their music collection online and add ratings or reviews to the site.


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