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Arrangement of the Catalogues for Performance Sets

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Entries are arranged in one sequence by composer's name. Where a work has been edited or arranged, the name of the editor or arranger is given. Each different edition of a work has a separate entry, including those that are reprints of earlier editions (e.g. Publisher: Kalmus).

Orchestral Works

Vocal Works

Orchestral works

Orchestration is stated by listing each of the instruments in the order in which they usually appear in the
score, with non-standard instruments at the end of the sequence.

The woodwind and brass are delineated in 2 groups of 4 figures; for example would
indicate 2 each of flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, then of horns, trumpets, trombones and tubas.
If any of the wind instruments is not present, the place is filled with a '0'.

Timpani and percussion are delineated in 1 group of 2 figures.

String parts list the actual number of copies available in each set, and are normally stated in standard
format of violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, and double bass.

Each set of parts is accompanied by a full (conductor's) score unless otherwise stated. Solo parts for
standard concertos are not usually included.

Where sets of vocal scores are available from our stock, this is shown.

Vocal Works

Entries are in one sequence by composer's name; collections are entered under title.

The language is assumed to be English unless otherwise stated.

Codes used in the catalogue

The standard abbreviations for voice are used:


A Alto, Contralto
T Tenor
Bar Baritone
B Bass
Tr Treble
Ct Counter-tenor


Other codes used in this catalogue include.
fs Full Scores
vs Vocal scores
chs Choral scores
lib Libretti
ed. Edited by
24 hrs

Items not stored in the Library, only available on 24 hours notice.

Where not noted, the chorus is assumed to be SATB. The voice parts are given as stated in the edition in question, and may differ between editions, especially in early music.

The exact quantities specified are subject to variations, as individual copies are lost and replaced; and new works are regularly added.

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