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These books are not available for purchase during the move from Birmingham Central Library to the Library of Birmingham.

You can still reserve copies for loan through the online catalogue.

Bhangra - Birmingham and Beyond
By Dr Rajinder Dudrah

The word 'Bhangra' evokes many thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions - from the singing, dancing and joyous celebrations of Vaisakhi, to the daytime parties in the late 1980s, the chart-topping music of Panjabi MC, right through to American Hip-Hop artists sampling Asian sounds. This book offers a timely and accessible overview of some of the artists, songs, audiences and images of Bhangra Music in Britain - from its folk beginnings to a diversified music industry that now encompasses a range of fusion-based British Asian genres. Given its importance to the British Bhangra music industry, the city of Birmingham, England, is the starting point as one co-ordinate on the map of UK-based Bhangra.

Mothers 1968 - 1971- the home of good sounds
by Kevin Duffy

This book captures the spirit of the Erdington club which was voted number one rock venue in the world by America's Billboard magazine. The list of bands who played there reads like a roll call of rock legends...Pink Floyd recorded Ummagumma, The Who performed Tommy and Traffic staged their debut gig. Members, managers and musicians tell the story of Mothers in a book which is psychedelically illustrated in full colour.

Around the Horn
by Frank Downes
£12.95 (hardback)

Frank Downes played French Horn for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra as a principal. He also played for the BBC and was a noted teacher of music. This witty insight into the world of music is aimed at the musician and lay person alike.

The Music Makers
- A Brief History of the Birmingham Triennial Music Festivals 1784 - 1912
by Anne Elliott

' The grandest of its kind throughout Britain' the Birmingham Triennial Music Festival flourished for over 100 years. Music was written for the festivals by Mendelssohn, Gounod, Sullivan, Dvorak, Bantock and most notably Elgar who wrote four of his most famous choral pieces for Birmingham. This book uses the unique resources of Birmingham Central Library to illustrate the history of one of the most important international festivals of its day.

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