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Local Area Agreement 2008 -2011

Birmingham New Local Area Agreement

Birmingham new Local Area Agreement (LAA) 2008-11 has been approved by central government. The focus now will be the delivery of the LAA and how we can use it to make a difference to public services and the quality of life for people in Birmingham.

LAAs are a "deal" between local partners and national government. National government offers simplified funding and accountability arrangements, in return local partners agree to deliver the agreement outcomes (which are based on national and local priorities). The objective is to improve key outcomes for Birmingham, by making better use of funding and innovative delivery of services and strengthening partnership working. It is the delivery plan for the Birmingham Community Strategy, Birmingham 2026: Our vision for the future, and focuses on the critically important strategic priorities for the city.

This LAA is a new starting point. It is, we hope, what will capture central government contribution to making a better Birmingham over the next three years, and increase collaboration across all the partners, agencies and communities to accelerate the city performance.

Our Vision for the Birmingham LAA

To achieve our vision, five key outcomes have been set for the people of Birmingham. These are: -

  • Succeed economically: Benefiting from training jobs and investment
  • Staying safe in a clean and green city: Our citizens living in communities that they want to belong to
  • Being healthy: Enjoying long and healthy lives
  • Enjoying a high quality of life: Benefiting from good housing and renowned culture and leisure opportunities
  • Making a contribution: Valuing one another and playing an active part in the community

The Local Area Agreement attached below shows the nineteen priority outcomes the LAA is seeking to achieve, along with the indicators chosen to measure progress towards achieving these outcomes.