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Shakespeare's Birthday 2011

Shakespeare Memorial Room

On the day of Shakespeare's Birthday - 23 April, we opened the doors of the Shakespeare Memorial Room to welcome city's families for a day of fun and celebration of Bard's legacy. This was a rare opportunity to have a glimpse at the original interior, usually not open to the public. The room also provided an welcome retreat from the heat outside.

A Midsummer Night's Dream provided an inspiration for all the face painting, crown making and colouring. Mr. William Shakespeare was welcoming all the guests personally and signing the artwork.

Shakespears Birthday 2011 - Memorial room

Shakespeare's Birthday 2011 - In Stratford upon Avon

The breezy but sunny Saturday morning of 30th April saw the beginning of the annual Shakespeare Birthday event in Stratford upon Avon. It is an occasion where Birmingham Shakespeare Library takes a proud place amongst other Shakespeare Institutions, academics, performers, dignitaries and diplomats worldwide in celebration of the Bard's legacy. Traditional street procession started at the Bard's birthplace in Henley Street, stopped briefly on High Street for the unfurling of the flags and culminated with laying flowers on his grave at Holy Trinity church by the river.

The official Pragnall award for contribution to Shakespeare stage was given to the actor Patrick Steward. There were many street performances, sword fights and cheer on every street corner.

Shakespeares Birthday 2011 - Stratford Parade