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Practical Film Collection books

This is a listing of our current stock in the collection.(upated April 2012)

General Film Making

Author Title Date
Aronson, Ian DV Film Making from start to finish (+DVD) 2006
Artis, Anthony The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide (+DVD) 2007
Barnwell,Jane The Fundamentals Of Film-Making 2008
Braverman,Barry Video Shooter.Storytelling with DV,HD and HDV Cameras 2009
Boorsten,Jon Making Movies Work 1995
Cleve,Bastian Film Production Management 1994
Figgis,Mike Digital Film Making 2006
Goodridge, Mike Cinematography 2012
Grove,Elliot Beginning Film Making
Holden,Tom Teach Yourself Film Making 2003
Honthaner, Eve Light The Complete Film Production Handbook (4th ed) 2010
Irving,David , Rea,Peter Producing and Directing Short Film and Video (4th ed) 2010
Jones,Chris The Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint 2003
Jones,Chris The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook 2006
Kawin,Bruce How Movies Work 1992
Katz,Steven Film Directing Shot By Shot 1991
Mendiburu,Bernard 3DTV and 3D Cinema 2012
Olson, Robert Art Direction for Film and Video 1993
Paul,Joshua Digital Video Hacks 2005
Penney,Edward Film and Broadcasting Terms 1991
Santucci,Walter The Guerilla Guide To Animation 2009
Shaw, Susannah Stop Motion Craft Skills for Model Animation (2nd ed) 2008
Simon, Jinger & Richard Teach Yourself Digital Video 2002
Stoller,Bryan Film Making For Dummies (2nd ed) 2009
Thurlow,Clifford Making Short Films 2008
Peter Ward Basic Betacam Camerawork (3rd ed) 2001
Peter Ward Digital Video Camerawork 2000
Peter Ward Picture Composition for Film and Television (2nd ed) 2008

Directing / Producing

Author Title Year
Kellison,Catherine Producing for TV and New Media (2nd ed) 2009
Patz, Deborah Film Production Management 101 (2nd ed) 2010
Stradling , Linda Production Management For Film and TV 2010
Turman,Lawrence So You Want To Be A Producer 2006
Weston ,Judith Directing Actors 1996


Author Title Year
Chang, Justin Editing 2012
Coleman,Lori & Friedberg,Diana Make The Cut: a guide to becoming a successful assistant editor in film and TV 2010
Dancyger,Ken The Technique Of Film & Video Editing (5th ed) 2011
Purcell, John Dialogue Editing For Motion Pictures 2007

I.T. / Software

Author Title Year
Bolante,Anthony Premiere Pro For Windows 2004
Brennis,Lisa Final Cut Express 2003
Johnson,K (ed) Adobe Premiere Pro 2009
Kauffman,Sam Avid Editing (+ DVD) 2009
Meyer, After Effects Apprentice (+DVD) 2009
Weynand, Diana Final Cut Pro 7 (+ DVD) 2010
Young, Rick Focal Easy Guide: Final Cut Pro 2004

Finance / Marketing / Pitching

Author Title Year
Davis, Adam The Film Finance Handbook 2008
Finney, Angus The International Film Business 2010
Kerrigan, Finola Film Marketing 2010
Rotcop, Ken The Perfect Pitch (2nd ed) 2009
Ulin, Jeffrey The Business Of Media Distribution 2010


Author Title Year
Grant , Tony Audio For Single Camera Operation 2003
Sonnenschein,David Sound Design 2001
Viers,Ric The Sound Effects Bible 2008
Wyatt, Hilary Audio Post Production 2004

Story Boarding / Screenplays

Author Title Date
Beiman,Nancy Prepare To Board,Creating Story and Characters for Animation. 2007
Cowgill, Linda Writing Short Films Structure And Content 2005
Frensham,Ray Screenwriting 2008
Grove,Elliot Raindance Writers Lab (+CD-Rom) 2001
Howard,David How To Build A Great Screenplay 2005
Sullivan,Karen Ideas For Animated Shorts (+DVD) 2008
Tomes, Linda How To Write Great Screenplays 2009
Turner,Barry (ed) Screenwriters Handbook 2009 2008