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Science Library - Information Technology - IT Interface

If you are looking for books, journals and magazines relating to IT & computing, please visit the IT INTERFACE collection in the Science Library, Floor 5. The area has been redeveloped and now offers a reference collection and a small number of books for lending. To make it easier to find what you want the collections have been broken into 14 categories. Please see below for a full listing:

  • IT 1: Computer Science/Information Technology
  • IT 2: Applications - General
  • IT 3: Applications - Integrated
  • IT 4: CADCAM
  • IT 5: Computer Games
  • IT 6: Development Tools
  • IT 7: The Internet
  • IT 8: Digital Technology
  • IT 9: Graphics/Desktop Publishing
  • IT 10: Hardware
  • IT 11: Operating Systems
  • IT 12: Robotics
  • IT 13: Introductory Guides
  • IT 14: Study Support

You will find everything from guides that show you how to use your PC through to the latest books on programming languages. Browse through our collection of magazines and journals.

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To access learning programmes and packages that develop your IT skills, the Baskerville Learning Centre can provide access to online courses and open learning facilities.

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