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Social Welfare

The stock in the Social Welfare section is very heavily used by social workers, health workers and advisers, counsellors, people working with children and young people and students at college and university. The stock is up to date and contains information relating to the history of the welfare state, social policy, social problems and the latest Government legislation like Every Child Matters and the Care Standards Act 2000.

Subject Areas Covered

To make it easier to locate material the library uses the Dewey
Classification system. This groups subjects together using a numbering
system. The appropriate numbers for Social Welfare are:

361 Social Welfare
361.61 Social Policy
362 Social Problems & Services
362.22 Health Services
362.7 Child Welfare


Please see the attachment at the bottom of this page for Journals about this subject.


Child Support Agency


Care Quality Commission


Department for Work & Pensions


Joseph Rowntree Foundation


National Health Service


Rights Net


Useful Leaflets:

Child Health and Care

Early Years Resources (Updated October 2010)

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Information Services Journals by Subject 2012

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