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Little Flower Maker

the little flower maker

Die kleine Blumenmacherin. La petite fleuriste.

Flower making kit in box, with coloured lithographic label. Instructions in three languages, 4 cards of examples, pieces. Produced about 1870.
flower pieces

Templates, stamens and other pieces

Example cards below.
flower composite


the flower maker instructions

Instruction sheet for The Little Flower-Maker

There is certainly not a greater pleasure for a child as to see his own well finished work.

To give children such a joy we join our little flowermacker to the already published complete series of games for self occupation.

Suppose, my dear young miss, you wish to imitate the flower no. 8, pick then out, among the enveloped forms all those parts which are marked with 8, cut them carefully out of coloured paper and roll each part over the litter wood stick, as to be seen on the pattern no. 1. Take now a piece of wire about a foot long, fold it up in the midst and envelop with it the chosen staminas: lay the two parts of the flower one over the other, pierce them in the centre and pass through these holes the staminas. Cover now the wire with some silk-paper, join to it the leave and the flower is finished to your gread (sic) joy and surprise.

You can employ it in many a way, f.i. to adorn a wreath of moss or ivy etc.

We hope to have answered by this fine game to many a long felt desire, and wish the parents may not omit to cause this pleasure and agreeable pastime to their dear daughters.

Parker Collection of Children's Games