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Parker Games Collection - My Lady Betty


My Lady Betty, one in a series of cardboard dressing dolls produced in around 1895 by Raphael Tuck.

Paper dolls have been popular with little girls for a long time and these are particularly fine examples. Their costumes are those of a fashionable young girl in London in the 1890s.

Dolls like My Lady Betty and Saucy Sybil had cardboard tags to fit the different outfits onto the bodies.
Hats are slotted onto the head and bags and muffs included as part of an outfit.

Earlier cardboard dolls had removable heads so that it was the head that would be moved from outfit to outfit or slid into the costume like a letter into an envelope.

Some dolls had a range of many outfits, each for a different purpose and came with a cardboard 'trunk' to keep them all in.

Later cardboard dolls in the 1960s and 1970s were sold in little booklets and the dolls and outfits
would be pressed out of the page or cut out. Sometimes they would appear as free gifts in children's magazines.


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