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First Impressions

Your Personal Image is an idea and expectation that comes into peoples minds when they think of you. It is the powerful way that you communicate what you stand for - your vision, values, skills, passions and attributes.

A strong Personal Image will attract people and opportunities to you, as it increases your confidence and communication skills. It inspires loyalty and respect in your target market and establishes you as an expert in your chosen field. It is the foundation of any marketing of you.

Research has shown that it takes less than 30 seconds to form a lasting impression and it can take up to 21 repeated occasions for someone to alter a disappointing first impression. So it is vital we make our first impression count.


By learning which colours suit you best (for we're all different) and seeing how to co-ordinate these best colours, you can transform yourself, your life and others too.

Christina Buscher

Colour you attractive (1996)

ALL Q646.7

Suzy Chiazzari

The complete book of colour (1998)

ALL 646.7
Lending copies available

Veronique Henderson

Colour me confident (2006)

ALL 646.7042
Lending copies available

Body and Face Shape

Looking good has nothing to do with weight or height the secret of success lies in the art of visual balance. We all have different face shapes and body shapes, and various good and bad points. This is what makes each one of us unique.

Charles Worthington

The Complete book of Hairstyling (2003)

ALL 646.724
Lending copies available

Juliet Cohen

Vogue Make-up (2005)

ALL 646.72
Lending copies available

Jacki Wadeson

Hair Flair (2001)

ALL 646.724
Lending copies available

Linda Mason

Make-up: the art of beauty

ALL 646.726
Lending Copies Available

Mary Quant

Classic Make-up and Beauty Book (1996)

ALL Q646.7
Lending Copies Available

Yvette Redmond

Teach yourself beauty (2006)

ALL 646.72
Lending Copy Available


Learn how to choose the lines in clothes that suit you best. For instance, a 'straight person' would look better in straight lines - tailored shirts, trousers and jackets - than in clothes which are rounded and softer looking in cut. A wardrobe that works for you is based on mixing and matching items of clothing that harmonize in colour, fabric and cut.

Caroline Jones

The busy girls guide to looking great (2004)

ALL 646.704
Lending copy available

Christa Weil

It's vintage, darling! 2006

ALL 646.3
Lending copy available

Emily Neill

Wardrobe Secrets

ALL 646.34
Lending copy available

Genevieve Dariaux

Guide to elegance (2003)

ALL 646.7042

Mary Spillane

Complete style guide (1991)

ALL 646.7
Lending copies available

Rachel Urquhart

Women Wardrobe (1995)

ALL 646.3
Lending copy available

Trinny Woodall and
Susannah Constantine

What you wear can change your life (2005)

ALL 646.7042
Lending copies available

Internet Sites

There are a wide range of internet sites available and these are just a sample.

Elle - www.elle.com
Vogue - www.vogue.co.uk
Cosmopolitan - www.cosmopolitan.co.uk

Please note We are not responsible for the content of other organisations' websites.


The following are the fashion journals currently available.

Arena Home Plus
Black Beauty and Hair
Button Lines
Harpers and Queen
I-D Magazine
Libas International