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Hidden Gems - Maud Banks' Tennis Scrapbook

Maud Banks

Maud Banks

Maud Banks was an American tennis star of the late 1800s and early 1900s.
She came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and played a lot at the Chestnut Hill Sports Club in the city.

She reached the singles final of the US National Finals in 1899 losing to Marion Jones.
In 1900 she reached the semi-finals in both the singles and doubles, but lost both.
In 1902, playing with Winona Closterman of Cincinnati, she reached the doubles final.

She won the Cincinnati Masters doubles final in 1900 (with Myrtle McAteer of Pittsburgh) and in 1902 she won the Cincinnati Masters singles and doubles final (with Hallie Champlin.)

The scrapbook contains details of Maud's own career along with extensive cuttings from various newspapers (from 1892-1954) both about her and the world of tennis in general, as well as an impressive collection of autographs from such luminaries as Suzanne Lenglen, Helen Wills etc.

Little can be found out about her life outside of tennis, but the correspondence in the scrapbook suggests that she may have spent some time in London. If you have any further information about her, please get in touch with us at: social.sciences@birmingham.gov.uk.


This large book is located in our store area at : AF 796.342 BAN