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Christian Web Sites

Charities with Christian links


The Catholic Fund for Overseas Development.

Christian Aid

Operates in most Third World countries.

Tear Fund

Inter-denominational relief organisation.


Promoting fair trade with the Third World.
Church Sites

Find a Church

A search resource enabling you to find out details such as location and denomination for over 33,000 UK churches.

Church of England

Church of England website

Baptist Church

Website of the Baptist Church

Methodist Church

Website of of the national Methodist Church

Catholic Online

Site for information about the Roman Catholic Church and its beliefs.

World Council of Churches

Site for the ecumenical World Council of Churches organisation

Church Newspapers

Church of England Newspaper

Website for Church of England Newspaper

Church Times Online

Website for The Church Times newspaper

Catholic Herald

Website of Catholic Herald the Roman Catholic newspaper

Methodist Recorder Online

Website for Methodist Church newspaper


Christian Pages

A site for advertising Christian businesses


Alpha Course

The Alpha Course consists of a series of talks addressing key issues relating to the Christian faith.


Christian Literature Crusade (CLC)

Has a series of bookshops in the UK and internationally.

Wesley Owen

Online Christian bookshop which also has shops around the UK.

Search Engines

God On The Net
Search engine for religious web sites - on-line version of book.

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