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Web Sites for Foreign Literature . . . a selection

We have compiled a list of websites covering Foreign Literature. For reasons of space our choices are very selective. We believe the sites chosen will be useful, reflecting the questions regularly posed by our users.

We welcome your comments about the sites we have chosen and will consider recommendations. Email: libraries@birmingham.gov.uk

A fuller list is available through the Arts, Languages and Literature - Foreign Literature subject page and English Literature which covers American and Canadian.

African Literature

Check out African Writers by country on Wikipedia or the African Literature and Writers on the Internet.

American Literature

There is a wealth of information on American Literature available including Asian American and African American writers. Find out about native American writers at the Internet Public Library and at Wikipedia.

South American Literature

Check out Wikipedia for information on the Chilean Writer Pablo Neruda. Find out about other Latin American authors.

Asian and Arabic Literature

Arabic Literature emerged in the 6th Century and covers prose and poetry written in Arabic. Indian Literature has been produced in 22 officially recognised Indian languages. China has a wealth of literature in both poetry and prose, including the classics attributed to Confucius. Japanese Literature spans a period of almost two millennia.

Australasian Literature

Find out about Australian and New Zealand Writers at Wikipedia. Find out about award winners at the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. Try out the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre.

European Literature

European Literature includes literature in many European languages find out about some of the most important. Also included is Russian Literature.

Find sources for literary texts in the western European languages other than English.

International Literature

Words without borders is the online magazine for international literature.

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