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Royal Post Stationery Set

Royal Post Stationery (c. 1880) is a cardboard postbox-shaped lettercase containing miniature correspondence cards and wafers. The small box of wafers was not originally part of the set.

There is a special set of black edged paper for mourning correspondence and some sample letters in tiny copperplate handwriting.

Lid and contents showing construction

Conservation work

A specialist paper conservator carefully cleaned all of the stationery in the box and completely reconstructed the bottom of the box with new materials. She then repaired and re-shaped the top of the post box.

Label on the bottom


The post box container is made so that it opens upwards with the contents being held in the lower shell. Both parts are made of cardboard - the outer shell is decorated to resemble a real post box of the time.

It is interesting to note that although the game was made in Vienna it was obviously designed for the British market.

Post boxes of the time would have had the letters VR on them standing for Victoria Regina. This play post box has the letters RPS in a similar style to the lettering on real post boxes.

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