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Subject Areas Covered

To make it easier to locate material, the library uses the Dewey Classification system. This groups subjects together using a numbering system. The appropriate numbers for Education are:

370 Education
371 School Organisation
372 Early Years & Primary Education

373 Secondary Education
374 Adult Education

375 Curriculums
378 Higher Education

379 Government Regulation

Related information can also be found at the following:

155.4 Child Psychology

301 & 305 Social Development

649.1 Childcare

You may also like to visit the Centre For The Child and the Family Information Service on the Ground Floor.

Please refer to our Education and Early Years Leaflet for more information.

We have a collection of material in our store?

BE 370 Times Educational Supplement 1910 - current.

B 370 Board / Ministry / Department of Education Pamphlets 1908 -1975

B370. 58 Education Authorities Directory 1924 - 2007


As well as book material, Social Sciences holds a range of journals covering its various subject areas. Please refer to our catalogue or the pdf.list of Journals at the bottom of this page.

BBC Learning

Department for Education

National Curriculum Online


Open University

Parent's Centre



Qualifications & Curriculum Authority


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