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Black and Asian Artists in the UK

An Introductory Book List

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This select list is intended as an introduction to Library resources and websites. To locate works relating to these artists please check the library catalogue or ask the staff for help. Lending copies can be requested at any Community Library, at the Central Library or through the online catalogue.

If you are visiting BirminghamLibraries, copies of the list can be obtained from Arts, Languages and Literature, Floor 3, Central Library, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3HQ and via your local Community Library.

It is hoped that the list will encourage and stimulate interest in these artists and their work.

ARAEEN, Rasheed
AKMUT, Nilofar
ARIF, Saleem

BALRAJ, Khanna
BHIMJI, Zarina
BISWAS, Sutapa
BOYCE, Sonia
BURMAN, Chila Kumari

CHUHAN, Jagjit

DHANJAL, Avtarjeet

EDGE, Nina

GRAY, Tawny

KHANNA, Belraj

LAMBA, Juginder

MISTRY, Dhruva

NATT, Sarbjit

OFILI, Chris

PATEL, Anuradha
PATTI, Symrath Kaur
PIPER, Keith

SIKAND, Gurminder

THOMAS, Shanti


Please note ALL(Arts, Languages and Literature) material can only be used in the Library.

Exhibition Catalogues

The following artists with examples of their work are available in ALL.

" Beyond Destination: film, video and installation by South Asian Artists (1993) EC19491

" The Circular dance (1991) EC18185
Covering work by: BISWAS, Sutapa; BURMAN, Chila Kumari; CHUHAN, Jagjit; EDGE, Nina;
SIKAND, Gurminder; THOMAS, Shanti

" Transition of riches (1993) EC19601
Covering work by: ADRUS, Said ; AKMUT, Nilofar ; BURMAN, Chila Kumari;
CHAMBERS, Eddie; CHUHAN, Jagjit; GHOSH, Amal; NATT, Sarbjit ; PATEL, Anuradha ;
PATTI, Symrath Kaur ; PIPER, Keith

Anish Kapoor
Anish Kapoor (1993), EC19406
Hamik Bhabha (1998) EC21841

Balraj Khanna
Balraj Khanna (1987) EC12308
Balraj Khanna (1991) EC17659

Chila Kumari Burman
The Thin black line (1985) EC15440
The circular dance (1991) EC18185

Chris Ofili
Freedom one day (2003) EC24204
Within reach (2004) EC24390

Eddie Chambers
Diverse cultures (1990) EC17464
Four x 4 (1991) EC17824

Keith Piper
East (2000) EC22895
Keith Piper: relocating the remains (1997) EC21922

Rasheed Araeen
Rasheed Araeen (1995) EC20137
Live in your head (2000) EC22686

Saleem Arif
Saleen Arif: gardens of grace (1997) EC21264
Saleem Arif paintings (1991) EC17185

Zarina Bhimji
I will always be there (1992) EC18513
Zarina Bhimji (1995) EC20138

Where indicated lending copies are available. Please ask your local library or check the library catalogue for more information.

Background Information

ARAEEN, Rasheed (1989)
The other story, Afro-Asian artists in post-war Britain
ALL Q709.42082
ALL EC 15388(F)

DOY, Gen (1977)
Black Visual Culture: Modernity and Postmodernity
Lending copies available

FAX, Elton (1977)
Black Artists of the New Generation
ALL 709.73FAX

FAX, ELton (1971)
Seventeen Black Artists
ALL 709.73FAX

GHOSH, Amal and LAMBA Jujinder eds. (2001)
Beyond Frontiers: Contemporary British Art by Artists of South Asian Descent
ALL Q709.42GH0
Lending copy available

LADUKE, Betty (1991)
Africa Through the Eyes of Women Artists
ALL Q709.6082
Lending copy available

LADUKE, Betty (1991)
Women Artists: Multicultural Visions
Lending copy available

LADUKE, Betty (1991)
Africa, women's art, women's lives.
ALL Q709.6082LAD

LAMBA, Juginder (1986)
ALL Q730.942LAM

Viewfinders: Black Women Photographers
ALL GQ770.922M0U
Lending copies available

NEAD, Lynda (1995)
Chila Kumari Burman, beyond two cultures

NOSZLOPY,George T. (1998)
Public Sculpture of Birmingham
ALL A730.942496NOS
Lending copies available

POWELL, Richard (1997)
Black Art and Culture in the 20th Century
ALL A709.04008996P0W
Lending copies available

RIGGS, Thomas (1997)
St James Guide to Black Artists
ALL KQ709.239RIG

TAWADROS, Gilane (1997)
Sonia Boyce: speaking in tongues
ALL 709.42BOY

WILLIS-THOMAS, Deborah (1989)
An Illustrated bio-bibliography of black photography
ALL GQ779.9973WIL


Transforming the crown: African, Asian and Caribbean artists in Britain 1966-1996
African Arts, Spring 1998, pg 81-83
ALL BQ709.6

The East-West Connection
Arts Review, November 1988, pg 773-774

A Truly Racial Art
Art News, January 2003, pg 84- 86


African Arts a quarterly magazine focusing on the art, culture and artists of Africa.
ALL BQ709.6

Information Files

City Sculpture - this file talks about Birmingham Sculpture and includes a piece about Dhruva Mistry.
ALL Arts File: 731.82CIT

PubLic Art - all about Birmingham Public art it includes reference to artists such as Dhruva Mistry, Avtarjeet Dhanjal and Anu Patel.
ALL Arts File: 731.82094249

KAPOOR, Anish - an Indian sculptor, the file contains newspaper articles, information about him and his work and articles from the internet.
ALL Arts File: 730.942KAP

OFILI , Chris - a black artist who has previously won the turner prize, this file contains information about him and his work.
ALL Arts File: 759.20F

MISTRY, Dhruva - an Indian sculptor who has created several pieces for Birmingham City Centre. This file contains a newspaper article and information about him and his work from the Internet.
ALL Arts File: 730.954MIS

Organisations / Individuals

A selection of organisations, individuals and groups that work with, promote and help artists of ethnic minorities including Muslim and black artists.

The Autograph promotes the work of black artists both nationally and internationally through a variety of ways including exhibitions, commissions and publications. It has a very detailed and comprehensive website that gives links to the sites of artists such as Joy Gregory. These artist links then enable students and art enthusiasts to look at the work, history and career of artists as well as giving details about work that has been published in books and catalogues or appeared in exhibitions.
Contact details
74 Great Eastern Street
Tel: 020 7729 9200

The Black Artists Alliance is a large network of black artists in the UK. In this case however the term black is used to define artists of African, Asian, Caribbean and indigenous American artists. The BAA run courses, produce newsletters, put on events and has a bulletin board. They are based in Manchester.
Contact details
Black Arts Alliance
P0 Box 86
M21 7BA
TeL: 0161 832 7622
Fax: 0161 832 2276

Diversity Arts Forum (formerly AAVAA) The African and Asian Visual Arts Archive is a national resource dedicated to raising awareness about contemporary Asian and African Artists. Founded in 1989 by Eddie Chambers the Archive now houses over 6000 slides of exhibitions and of artists work. These slides chronicle the work of over 200 artists. Additionally AAVAA has A-Z files on arts organisations in the UK, art historians, curators and cultural critics files, audio-tapes, videos and CD ROMS. Also the bookshelves contain almost 4000 publications.
Contact details
Diversity Arts Forum
University of East London
Docklands Campus
Royal Albert Way
E16 2Qj
Tel: 020 8223 7402
Fax: 020 8223 7497

InIVA The Institute of International Visual Arts is a contemporary arts organisation promoting artists from diverse cultural backgrounds through exhibitions, research, publications and educational projects. It focuses on new technologies, international collaborations and commissioning site-specific artworks. Their website is also comprehensive, informative and useful with links to their various projects, ventures and current ideas. It gives details of up and coming events as well as having an online library and archive.
Contact details
Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA)
6-8 Standard Place
Rivington Street
Tel: 020 7729 9616

Ken Yahw McCalta is a successful black artist who has worked with many mediums over the years to create his pieces. His website is a portfolio of his art giving details of his career as well as information about how to view and buy his work.
Contact details

Salidaa The South Asian Diaspora Literature and Arts Archive is a free online archive featuring collections of South Asian art, theatre, dance, music and literature by British based artists and organisations. Its aim is to provide a window on the development of South Asian art in Britain. The website is detailed with many links to artists and collections.
Contact details
33a Islington Park Street
N1 1QB
Tel: 020 7359 7666

Willard Wigan specialises in the smallest sculptures in the world. He recreates sculptures so small they can fit in the eye of a needle. He has recreated scenes such as the Last Supper and has also recreated Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. His website is detailed with examples of his work.
Contact details

For enquiries about purchasing an original Willard Wigan artwork:
The Artlounge Limited
28-30 Wharfside Street
The Mailbox
B1 1XL
Tel: 0121 685 2555

For all other enquiries regarding Willard Wigan and his work:
Ultimate Art Limited
P0 Box 23
31 Broad Street
St. Helier
Tel: 01534 767777
Fax: 01534 618617

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