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The environment and the way in which man interacts with it, is becoming of increasing interest to many people. Environmental groups have been campaigning for many years, warning of the dangers of dwindling natural resources and the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Now, with the increase in extreme weather conditions and more people suffering from environment related health problems, such as asthma, the world at large is becoming more aware of the need for urgent action to counteract these effects.

The Environment Collection is based within Information Services and located on the 5th floor of Birmingham Central Library. It aims to provide up-to-date material on a wide range of environmental issues and topics. The collection consists of books, journals and pamphlets aimed at all levels from the general reader to those studying environmental science at undergraduate level.

The collection is organised into 12 categories including Environmental Economics, Global Warming, Waste Management and Doing Your Bit for the Environment.


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Related Resources

In addition to the main Environment Collection information on related topics may also be found on the 5th floor.

Agriculture/Horticulture 630
Construction 690
Ecology 574.5
Energy engineering 621.042
Sanitary & municipal engineering, environmental protection engineering 628

Information on the legal aspects of the environment and related government legislation can be found on the 4th floor in the Central Library.

Environment issues affecting Birmingham and the local area can be found on the 6th floor in Archives and Heritage.

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