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We can explain how patents might help your business and show you how to decide if taking out a patent is right for you. Our service is available to businesses, the creative industries, manufacturers, inventors and anyone interested in turning an idea into reality.

Business Support

If you need help using your patent to get your business started we have extensive resources and facilities available and can provide information on filing for patents in most countries.

Professional Advice Clinics

The patent clinic is held on Wednesday evenings. Confidential one to one consultations are available with a qualified patent agent. These 25 minute appointments are free but must be booked in advance.

See What's On in Central Library for times.


We provide a comprehensive range of publications, factsheets and templates on how to protect your invention, develop a business and generate profit.

Research Facilities

The UK Patent Office provides access to Esp@cenet. This is a free database which you can search at home.

What next?

Once you are satisfied that your invention is genuinely unique, the next step is to file a patent application with the UK Patent Office. Your application will proceed in a number of steps, with the Patent Office reporting its findings and guiding you through each stage. It takes between eighteen months and four years to obtain a patent.

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