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Consumer Information

Business and Learning doesn't stop at helping people who are setting up a company or running an existing business. We also think about those who buy products and services and need information to help with any problems that may arise.

If you

  • Can't decide which product to buy
  • Want to check on a company you are going to employ
  • Think a product is wonderful but can't find out where to buy more now that your local supplier has closed
  • Need to lodge a complaint about something that has gone wrong
  • Have an old address or telephone number for a company

Business and Learning can help.

We can

  • Look at consumer reports such as Which? for "best buy" guidance
  • Check a trade mark to see who makes a particular product
  • Find you a manufacturer's phone number
  • Give you the name of a company's director to whom you can write.
  • Locate the address of a shop's head office
  • Trace what has happened to a company

Contact us for further details.