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Company Information

Company Information

Whenever you need information on a company - its location, directors, products, services, financial performance and much more - Business and Learning has a wealth of resources to help you. Select from the following options to find out more.

Annual Reports

Company Credit Check and Company Financial Information

Company Information - International

Director Checks, Company Name Checks and Company Tracing Service

Corporate Family Trees

Business Articles/News Items

Product Manufacturers & Suppliers

Trade Directories, Trade Journals and Trade Marks


FAME - Financial Analysis Made Easy

Marquesa Trade Mark Search Systems

Thomson Business Search

Trade Directories and Trade Journals

Annual Reports

A valuable source of company information, Annual Reports contain financial statements, chief Executive's review, and Directors' and Auditors' reports.

Business and Learning keeps a copy of the most recent Annual Report of the FT100 List companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

For selected companies we also have a useful research collection covering a five-year period.

These are all available for reference here in Business and Learning and can be photocopied.

Annual Reports for International companies can also be accessed via company websites and the Northcote database, using dedicated business computers in Business and Learning.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.


You may need to find out what companies a director is involved with, or has been involved with in the past. Business and Learning offers a director check service using the Creditsafe database which gives access to names and addresses of Company Directors and Secretaries and lists their other directorships. Details for a single director/secretary can be read out to you instantly over the phone, or faxed, e-mailed or posted to you. A charge is only made if you require a copy of the report to be sent to you. Business and Learning can also check for you to see whether a director has been disqualified by Companies House.

If you visit Business and Learning you will have access to the FAME database.
Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Company Financial Information

Business and Learning can provide financial information on UK limited liability companies, ranging in detail from

  • Annual Reports for Public Limited Companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange
  • accounts as filed at Companies House
  • up to 5 years data on Creditsafe or Fame databases for large and medium sized, well established companies
  • basic balance sheet details on Creditsafe or FAME for smaller companies - provided they have filed accounts with Companies House


basic indicators/estimates of turnover, assets, profit - in various sources such as Kompass, Key British Enterprises and trade directories.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.

FAME - Financial Analysis Made Easy

FAME is a company database produced by Bureau Van Dijk electronic publishing. It contains detailed financial, descriptive and ownership information on 1.3million companies plus summaries for an additional 1 million companies. It is a subscription database and can be accessed by visiting Business and Learning in the library.

FAME can be searched by a variety of criteria including location and size and lists of matching companies can be compiled. Reports often include up to 10 years of financial accounts where available, directors details and a credit rating for the company. Reports and lists can be printed out for a nominal charge.

Due to licence restrictions, this product is only available to those who are able to visit Business and Learning in person. Similar information can be accessed via the Creditsafe database via our telephone and email enquiry services.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Company Name Checks

Choosing a name for your business is important as, together with any trade mark you may use, it will identify you and your products or services. To ensure that it is unique you will need to check those already in use and here Business and Learning can help.

We can check the Companies House register of all limited liability companies for you and not only alert you to someone already having registered a name, but also to names very similar to the one you may have planned to use.

Non-limited businesses are not legally required to register and so checking business names already in use is more difficult. Business and Learning will check the Creditsafe database of non-limited businesses plus other resources such as Thomson Business Search and local and regional directories for the area you are to operate from.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Company Tracing Service

If you are looking for the contact details of a company let Business and Learning do the searching for you. Whether it is here or in another country we can help.

For the UK, we have access to many subscription databases such as Thomson Business Search. A registered office can always be found for a Limited company and usually a trading address and other contact details. For small, non-limited businesses we can use resources such as Creditsafe, plus our unique collection of trade directories (including yellow pages and telephone directories), to find the information you need.

Thomson Business Search

This CD-ROM contains over 2 million UK business listings, as well as listings for organisations, schools, hospitals and national and local government departments.

It can be searched using a variety of criteria to find exactly the results you are looking for.
Use this database to identify new customers using a combination of specified criteria- type of business, location or size. You can use it here in Business and Learning to produce cost effective mailing lists or check contact details. Lists can be printed and taken away or faxed or emailed to you for a nominal charge.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Family Trees

A corporate family tree will help you identify headquarters, branches, parents and subsidiaries in terms of their relationship to other members of the same "family". Understanding these relationships can help you uncover new selling opportunities, avoid conflict-of-interest situations, negotiate global purchasing agreements, perform merger and market analysis, and much more.

Business and Learning provides access to

  • Creditsafe's Group Structure report (for UK companies only) provides the structure of a targeted company, highlighting the trading and legal status for each member of the tree.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Product Manufacturers & Suppliers

If you are looking for suppliers or manufacturers of a specific product, Business and Learning can help. We have a large collection of UK Trade Directories, covering over 150 industries and services, and access to various databases, which can be used to find the information you need. Also available is a range of company and product directories covering countries around the world. Our telephone enquiry service is dedicated to finding information for you from resources. , Chambers of Commerce directories, plus many more.

Visit Business and Learning to use the full range of resources, or Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Trade Directories

Business and Learning holds a large collection of trade directories covering most industries and services. Many of these will have listings of suppliers and products, trade names, trade associations and other information relating to specific industries.

Typical examples include:

  • RIBA Product Selector for the building industry
  • The Grocer Directory of Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • The Marketing Managers Yearbook
  • Lists of Members of professional organisations such as:
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors -Yearbook
  • The Law Society's Directory of Solicitors & Barristers

Trade Fair Catalogues for major exhibitions and trade fairs throughout the UK also form part of the Collection and are a very good source of new product information and contact details for smaller companies.

Contact Business and Learning for more information.

Trade Journals

Business and Learning subscribes to a wide range of Trade Journals complementing and supporting our Trade Directory collection, and providing product and industry news, articles and jobs. Files of these are kept for 12 months. Major industries covered include Food, Catering and Leisure, Retailing, Textiles and Fashion, Motor Trade and Building & Construction.

Visit us to use these resources or telephone us if you need a specific journal or article. Photocopies can be made (subject to copyright restrictions) for a nominal charge.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Trade Marks

Trade marks identify the products or services of particular traders. Before spending time and money promoting a Trade mark, registering it with the Trade Marks Registry at the Patent Office is recommended, to give you protection against unauthorised use of your Trade Mark. If you make an application and someone has already registered a similar trade mark for the same product or service, you will not be able to register it and will not get your application fee refunded - currently 00 - so it makes sense to check before you apply.

Business and Learning can check to see if a mark is already registered. We provide a free search service, which is available by calling us or by visiting the library in person and we can give you an immediate response. This service is restricted to one mark for each enquiry, and if you require a copy of the results, there will be a small charge to send or print these for you.

We will check Marquesa UK Trade Marks database which includes Trade Marks for goods and services registered at the Patent Office, and Marquesa Community Trade Marks database for those registered across the European Union. We can also provide you with information on how to register a Trade Mark.

If you are trying to find out who owns or has registered a particular Trade Mark we can check these resources for you, along with our Trade Directories collection. This includes trade marks registered around the world by companies who may have an agent or subsidiary in the UK.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.

Marquesa Trade Mark Search Systems

Marquesa is a subscription database which contains the Register of UK Trade Marks, the Register of (European) Community Trade Marks and the Register of UK Domain Names. The databases are updated on a weekly basis.

Searches of the database can be made on the basis of status, product or service class, word mark, goods specification, device category, date, number, proprietor or agent. Business and Learning accepts enquiries by telephone, e-mail or fax for up to three trade marks. Copies can be printed for a nominal charge per trade mark.

Contact Business and Learning for further details.