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Alan Napier Archive

Ian Payne and Paul Hemmings

Birmingham Archives and Heritage Service
has been presented with another personal archive compiled by Ian Payne.

It is about the character actor Alan Napier who was born in King's Norton, Birmingham in 1903. He was the cousin of the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.

Alan Napier played notable roles in many films. His best known is probably as Alfred the butler in the 1966 film Batman.

To find out more about Alan Napier go to ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Napier

Alan Napier Archive presentation

Ian Payne and Paul Hemmings, Senior Manager, Archives and Heritage, with the Alan Napier folder.

The other man in the picture is William Hamper (1776 - 1831), a Birmingham antiquary. Among his work was the list of 141 ways of spelling Birmingham. The bust was created by G Clarke in 1822.

Films in Review

Films in Review Feb 1979

The collection includes an original copy of the American film magazine Films in Review for February 1979 with an article on Alan Napier by James Bigwood.

Films in Review pages

Films in Review pages

The Day that Buddy Came to Town - another Ian Payne project