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Bickley Hen and Chickens 1836

Plan of Hen and Chickens in New Street with stables and coach yard

Hen and Chickens inn New Street 1836

The Hen and Chickens was a coaching inn at the lower end of New Street. There is a small plan of the inn, and a detailed plan for the stableyard, including such necessary facilities as a Dung Pit for the quantities of manure produced.

The 'Free School' next door is King Edward's School (for boys). In 1836 it was being rebuilt; the third school building on this site, designed by Sir Charles Barry who later designed the Houses of Parliament. It was magnificent, and Birmingham was proud of it - although it cost far more than the original estimate. In 1936 it moved to a site near Birmingham University in Edgbaston.

King Edward's School in 1841

This plan of the Hen and Chickens dates from the last year when there was no railway in Birmingham. In 1837 the line between Birmingham and the north-west was completed; in 1839 the line between Birmingham and London opened. At first the Birmingham terminus was at Duddeston on the edge of the town centre, then at Curzon Street. Travellers seeking accommodation in the centre would still use coaches or carriages; as would visitors planning to go to other parts of Birmingham, towns in the Black Country and the Midlands generally. New Street Station was built on land behind the Hen and Chickens and King Edward's School in 1854, see the map New Street to Worcester Wharf 1860

The land at the southern end - top - of this map was taken for the station; fewer stables would have been needed once the station was there.

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