Birmingham City Council

Panoramic view of Birmingham in 1847

This is the Ackermann Prospect. Ackermann produced aerial views of a number of towns in the mid nineteenth century. Whilst in theory the drawings were made from the vantage-point of a hot-air ballon, in practice it was often windy, so most of the work was usually done on the ground.

Near the centre is the parish church of St. Martin's. The space behind is the Bull Ring. At the top of New Street is Christ Church facing the new Town Hall across the square. Buildings in the area between the Town Hall and St. Phillip's are new, as the land had been for agricultural use only until a recent date. The canals and the new London-Birmingham railway appear prominently, to show Birmingham as a centre of trade. Curzon Street was then the only station, to the east of the town-centre, on the right-hand side of the panorama. By 1847 there were plans for New Street station, to be built on land belonging to the King Edward's Foundation bhind the School on New Street.

 Panoramic view of Birmingham, 1847, Ackermann