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Bird's Eye View of Edgbaston, 1904

This is a section of the 'Birds' Eye View of Birmingham' published in the Birmingham Gazette and Mail in 1904.

 Tolkien lodgings in Edgbaston, 1904 map

Mabel, Ronald and Hilary Tolkien moved from King's Heath to Edgbaston in the spring of 1902. Edgbaston was seen as the best Birmingham suburb; certainly almost all the houses had gardens and there was a large park around the Edgbaston Canal Reservoir. It is about two miles from the centre of Birmingham.

At first they lived in Oliver Road near the top of this section of map; convenient for the boys as St. Philip's School was in the same road at that time. After Mabel's death late in 1904 the boys lived with a widowed aunt, Beatrice Suffield, in Stirling Road, bottom left. They were not happy there and in 1908 their guardian Father Francis found them new lodgings in Duchess Road, on the right of the map. However he disapproved of Ronald's friendship with Edith Bratt, also lodging there, so early in 1910 they had to move to lodgings in Highfield Road running south off the Hagley Road, very close to the Oratory.