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Galton Papers - the gun trade

Galton gun trade - list of guns
The gun trade - document 1.

Letter from Samuel Galton to John Parr, the firm agent in Liverpool, 20 May 1752, from letter book [MS3101/C/D/15/1/1]
This list shows the types of guns supplied by the firm and the different prices Farmer & Galton could expect to get for them in each of the ports.

Letter about gun trade, Galton firm

The gun trade - document 2.

Letter from James Farmer to his brother Joseph Farmer, who also worked for the firm in Liverpool, 12 November 1743 [MS3101/C/C/2/1/5]

'Deare Brother

If you could mention any time that would be proper for to send Tom Probin down to gett his freedom I would sent him directly because before he comes & brings his family that would be necessary to be secured & may prevent objections & probably you may fixt it when there is like to bee the least opposition I desire you would lett me know because the sooner its done ye better & spring will be coming on soone
I have another favour to begg but would not have it divulged that is that you would procure me an abstract for a cargo for the Windward or Gold Coast for a vesel that caries about 250 slaves, some particular persons desird me to gett it whom I expect to serve with the cargo: observe to add a few more guns for I shall send what you send mee without coppying.
Your complyance & answer by return of post will oblige
Your mo[st] affectionate Brother to serve you
James Farmer'

Letter about gun trade, Galtons
The gun trade - document 3.

Letter from Samuel Galton to William Bird, 21 August 1780 [MS3101/C/D/15/15/4]

'This morning Butler, instead of coming to view our pistol barrels came to tell us that he was going to Cradley & Wednesbury & should not come till Thursday, whilst there comes York to enquire for and tell him that he must take an acct of all the contractors pistols & put a stop to their making more amongst those he viewd for and he shd do the same&as to Butler, I have made use of the most forcable argument, and he has sent for Baylis and given him a lip gauge for the outsides of the Barrels in the warehouse and larger plug for those in filers hands, after all of one sort and another I fear he will reject 3 or 400 pair.'

Letter about gun-trade from Galton
The gun trade - document 4.

Letter from Samuel Galton to William Bird, 24 August 1780 [MS3101/C/D/15/15/5]

'Mr Bird,
I have yours of the 22nd and am much pleased to hear that you are likely to get the bayonets viewd. My last informd you that Butler was to go to Cradley &c under the promise that when he came back he would come to view our pistols. All this day we have been hunting him and at about 5 o clock he came I requested him to come to view our pistols tomorrow. He shortly replyd he had other people to view for as well as us & he would not come, and with difficulty I fixd him for Monday morning in order to disarm him of his idea of taking none but up to his gauge I read him the difference between ours viewd by Butler and Oughtons viewd by York..he flounced and said not a person in the tower had a right to find fault or review what he pasd, and that I did not treat him like a gent &c &c&'

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