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Dog Pool Inn, Ten Acres, Stirchley c1905

Dog Pool Inn Ten Acres Stirchley c1905

This photograph taken from the junction of School Road, now known as St Stephen's Road and Pershore Road is markedly different from the same view we would see today. Gone are the tram power lines - the trams themselves only began to appear a few years before this photo was taken. They lasted in Birmingham until 1950. The Pershore Road runs left to right through the image, with the route to Birmingham at the left. If you stood in the doorway of the present day Hibernian pub, the only part of this scene that would look similar would be the row of shops in the left of the image.

This photograph was taken in around 1905. Trantom's Limited, a Grocers and Provisions Dealer existed on the site between 1903 and 1908. Trantom's, sometimes known as Tranton's, were a local chain of grocers with a few other shops in other parts of the city.

The proprietor of the Dogpool Inn at the time of the photograph was Tom Guy Hastings Thompson, who managed the Inn between 1901 and 1917. The Dogpool Inn building pre-dated the 1870s and was gone by 1937, replaced by a bank, set further back from the main road, the site is now occupied by a fast-food outlet.

The Chimneys in the distance, along Dogpool Lane, belonged to the Dogpool Mill, a manufacturer of Copper and Brass tubing at the time of this photograph, which dated back to the 1760s. What can't be seen, but is just out of view, behind the hedges in the centre of the photograph was the Mill Stream which supplied the water for the factory, the stream itself was fed from the nearby River Rea. The site was still in use in the 1980s, but it is unknown when the water mill disappeared. The industrial buildings which grew up around the site opposite Manilla Road were eventually demolished around 1990.

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