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Queuing for Fuel, Nechells

 queuing for coke in January 1951, Nechells

Hundreds of people queuing for coke, for domestic heating, at Nechells Hall. January 1951.

As it was several years after the War before the country recovered enough to stop rationing, sights like this were common for years. People would queue up from early in the morning to claim their rations. Despite everyone having a ration book entitling them to their fair share, shops and distributors rarely had enough goods to meet demand and items were handed out on a 'first-come, first-served' basis.

Despite the amount of time people would be required to queue, the majority of people in this image managed a smile for the camera and one man on the left even stood posed with a push chair on his head. Proving that the people of Birmingham could still display a sense of humour even after many years of rationing and war.

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