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VE Day Memories

Birmingham Remembers VE Day

I lived in Hidson Road, Erdington. We went together with Anslow Road which is a small street with five houses in it, adjacent to Hidson Road. We celebrated with a street party. Large tables appeared and there was lemonade, sandwiches and cake to eat. Everyone was smiling and someone had a gramophone playing cheerful music. I was four years old.

Hidson Road is on a hill and so the tables for the party were along Anslow Road which is flat. The party was mainly for the children and I can vividly remember being sent to our house to fetch something for my Mother. As I was coming out of the gate a man rode up on a bicycle with a trailer on the back. He asked me if this was Anslow Road and where the party was. I pointed in the direction of Anslow Road and he said "I am the ice cream man". I ran back down the road as fast as I could.

That was the very first time the kids had seen or tasted ice cream and it was very exciting. We also had a bonfire which was lit later. On the top was an effigy of Hitler dressed in a German uniform. This was located in the larger road space between upper Hidson Road and Anslow Road. It was a truly exciting day for us all.

Jennifer, Vancouver, Canada

I was less than a year old at the time, but my mother mentioned in her memories* that my pram was duly decorated with red, white and blue ribbons -as were most of the other "baby carriages", apparently, on VE Day.

Philip, Victoria, Australia

My grandparents went on a float through the town, which then was a village with a very real carnival atmosphere. they lived on a terrace of 8 houses, at the front opposite was a garage which is still there today.
We, as well as all the families and all of their relatives (there was a lot of us) built a bonfire, none of us children knew what a bonfire was!!
Then we had tables and chairs outside.It was, as it is called today, a street party.- Then all the children were allowed to go and see and climb on a messerscmidt, then we sang songs around the the bonfire.
one of my grandmothers had a union jack dress on and a knotted union jack on her head.
it was a lovely day.
I was 7.

Mrs Olwyn Beard
Havant, Hampshire.

My parents met on VE day in Birmingham. Sixty days later they were married and have been together for 60 years.

Ellen, Birmingham

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Birmingham Remembers VE Day