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Jane Bunford: 'The Tallest Woman in the World'

Jane Bunford, born on 26 July 1895 to John and Jane Bunford of Bartley Green was, and remains, an enigma. She grew into 'the tallest woman in the world'.

Her father was a metal caster and she was one of seven children. She attended St. Michael's School in Bartley Green, but it was evident within a short time, that all was not well. She was growing much taller than any of her classmates.

She was taken out of school at the age of 13, her height making it awkward and uncomfortable to continue attending.
She eventually grew to a height of 2.36m (7 feet 9 inches), becoming the tallest woman the world had known up to that time.

Jane died from Hyperpituitarism and Gigantism on 1 April 1922 aged 26 years, and is said to be buried in St. Michael's Churchyard, Bartley Green.