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Education in Victorian times

Logbook, Immanuel School 1884-1886

Although this school was the closest to the Malin family, there is no record of them attending in the school registers. The extract transcribed reads:

"Jan 7th Commenced my duties as master of this school, I am much disappointed on finding the attainments of the boys so low, and the discipline and order so low, the boys being very rough, rude, unruly, dirty and untidy. The school too needs a thorough cleaning, the walls looking black & grimy."

"Nov 16th Several of the scholars, who are constantly in the habit of coming without their fees on Monday mornings were sent back. This I am obliged to do, in order, if possible, to get all to pay at the same time, so that I may be more able to devote my time to the work of teaching rather than collecting fees."

"Feb 23 Obliged to cane four boys on the hand for inattention during Geography lesson. These boys were sent out by the assistant Master (Mr Truscott). One of them proving refractory, and answering back, had another stroke on the hand. (Edwin Robinson). The Rev the Vicar called."