Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Tracing Missing People

Tracking Services

Salvation Army Family Tracing Service (for tracing people at risk)
Tel 0207 367 4747, Fax 0207 367 4723
or look at their web site www.salvationarmy.org
Select Our work, then scroll down to Family Tracing or type 'Family Tracing' in the search box.

National Missing Persons Helpline

NMPH has the most comprehensive (and probably the largest) database of missing persons in the UK.
See the website www.missingpersons.org.uk for further details.

Websites with searchable databases


International site. Surveys phone directories and UK electoral registers. After an initial search, you will need to register and pay for credits to access detailed information. There are also links to free business and geographical information, plus a searchable database of property prices.



eroll contains official local authority compiled Electoral Roll for the years 2003-2008 and the 2008 Rolling Register, which contains 100,000 monthly amendments. This is a fee paying service.


Cyndi's List

Links to other helpful sites.



An amalgam of various directories, email, etc, which have to be searched separately. Some of the sites are fee-paying. Message posting services



Site dedicated to helping people track down lost friends. Various personal security measures are in place.



An amalgam of various directories, email, etc, which have to be searched separately.


Friends Reunited

This web site was designed to help you find old school friends. You may be required to register for access to some parts of the site.


Directories in the Library of Birmingham

  • Phone books, current and past, for Birmingham in Archives, Heritage and Photography Service, level 4.
  • Phone books for the UK and the world current; in Business and Learning, level 1.
  • Electoral registers for Birmingham only 2001 backwards are available in Archives, Heritage and Photography Service (registers after 2001 are not available in the library). These are useful if you already know an address, and want to check if someone is still living there.
  • Professional directories (e.g. doctors, actors etc) in subject reference areas, as appropriate.

It is often worth putting an advert in the personal column of a local newspaper (e.g. The Birmingham Post, or the Evening Mail ) Forward has a section called "Where are they now?"
E-mail: forward@birmingham.gov.uk

If you are visiting the library and would like further information (fees charged, other contacts etc.) please ask to see the Missing Persons section in the Genealogy file at the counter, Archives, Heritage and Photography Service, Library of Birmingham.

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