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Bournville Village Trust: Archive Contents

NB. Not all of the material in the collection is listed below. Principal records have been selected to illustrate the size and nature of the archive. Covering years provided may not necessarily be indicative of complete sequences. This collection is not catalogued, but a complete list with box numbers is available inArchives and Heritage.

The reference for access to this collection is MS 1536


Bournville Village Trust:

Deed of Foundation - with related papers [1900]
Deeds, Leases and Tenancy Papers [1606-1934]
Title Deeds and Papers - for land at various places [1676-1913]
Ledgers [1896-1915, 1939-77]
List of Tenants of Bournville Building Estate [1899-1900]
Notes and Circular Letters concerning Rent Collection [1947-71]
Original Prospectus for Bournville Building Estate [nd. c1898]
Reports and Accounts [1958-87]
Building Department Staff Register [1922-62]
Visitors Book [1901-51]
Bournville Village Trust: A Ten Years Record [1900-10]
Papers and Articles - on housing policy, development, gardens etc [1907-80]
Papers regarding Extension of Estate Office - plans, specifications, etc [1957-58]
Various Sales Particulars, Specifications and Plans of Houses [20th cent]
Applications for Motor sheds, Greenhouses, etc [1937-53]
Correspondence and Articles regarding Experimental Houses on Hay Green Lane [1920]
Correspondence and Statistics about Buildings, Maintenance and Repair Costs [1934-77]
General Correspondence on Development [1938-44]
Correspondence regarding Claims for War Damages on Properties [1944-45]
Correspondence and Plans for Post-war House-building on the Estate [1943]
Correspondence regarding Architectural Assistants [1943-45]
Correspondence and Photographs relating to Fruit Trees on the Estate [1934-56]
Reports Concerning BVT Open Spaces [1919-27]
Notes of Geology of Bournville Estate [1924]
Reports of Water Analysis [1931-59]
Programmes for Festivals, Events, Flower Shows, etc [1900-86]
Annual Booklets [1921-27]

Bournville Almshouse Trust:

General Administration [1958-73]
List of Tenants [1924-58, 1968-75]
Accounts and Related Notes [1972-1980]
Correspondence, etc [1951-61]
Correspondence, Invoices, Bills, Staffing Notes [1972-74]

Bournville Tenants Ltd:

Rules [1906 &1928]
Reports and Accounts [1908-1980]
Rules and notices of meetings [1965-81]
Agenda Books [1959-70]
Membership of Committee [1941-70]
Cash Receipts and Payments - Analysis for Annual Returns [1930-69]
Rent Books [1952-64]
Papers regarding Rent Increases [1954-62]
Garage Rents [1934-61]
Papers regarding Leasehold Sinking Fund [1932-40]
Papers regarding Repairs and Maintenance and Employment of Staff [1958-70]
Housing Applications, Waiting Lists, etc [1948-67]
Festival Programmes, Recreation Grounds, etc [1921-37]
Scrapbook [1910-21]

Bournville Village Council:

Year Books [1920-63]

Bournville Works Housing Society Ltd:

Annual Accounts [1958-80]
Scheme for Selling Houses [1920]
Sample Rent Cards [1947&1959]

Chadwich Estate:

Minutes and Accounts [1946-58]
Tenancy and alterations [1954-68]
Chadwich Woods [1956-77]
Photographs of the Estate - various views [c1950s]
Photographs of Manor House [nd]

Cornfield Housing Society:

Rules [1919-82]
Accounts [1970-80]
Annual Reports [1969-73]

Weoley Hill Society Ltd:

Rule Books, house particulars [1914-24]
Reports and Accounts [1915&1917]

Woodlands Housing Society:

Rules [1920]
Sales Particulars for Woodlands Estate, Northfield [nd]

Cadbury Family:

Correspondence of George Cadbury [1899-1916]
Correspondence of Mrs George Cadbury [1921]


Photographs by Bill Brandt, of Village, Housing and Residents [c1943]

Numerous Photographs, grouped in subject areas including:
Workers Houses adjoining Works
Aerial Views
Panoramic Views
Records of Exhibitions
Houses, 1895-1914
Interiors pre-1914
Houses, 1918-39
Houses after 1945
Housing for Special Groups - Convalescent Homes, Almshouses, Sheltered Flats, etc
Other Buildings - Churches and Meeting Houses, Shops and Offices, Schools, Colleges and Carillon, Community Halls, Estate Office, Historical Buildings, Solar Heating, etc
Alterations and Extensions to Houses - Environmental Control
Roads and Streetscape
Landscape - Gardens, Trees, Recreation Grounds, Parks and Open Spaces, etc
War Damage, 1939-45
Agricultural Estates - Chadwich, Weatheroak, Forhill, Groveley, etc
Butlers Marston
Bournville Works
Cadbury World
Commission Projects outside Bournville
Other Places and Projects - Birmingham Slum Dwellings and Black Country ??Conurbation??

Maps and Plans:

Maps and Plans of BVT Estates and Agricultural Estates, and Birmingham [19th-20th cent]
Plan of Area of Bournville Works [1897]
Maps of Bournville Estate [1950]
Cropping Plans [1938-67]
Plan of Groveley, Forhill and Weatheroak Estates [1939]
Papers and Plan regarding Selly Oak Park Extension [1919]


General Press-cuttings [1902-1916, 1919-34, 1940-51]
Bournville School Press-cuttings [1904-14]
City Council Press-cuttings [1930-39]
Press-cuttings on Bournville [1969-79]
Press-cuttings on Birmingham Overspill [1969]
Cuttings Advertising Bournville Properties [1928-54]


'Bournville Village Trust, 1900-1955'
'Bournville Village Gardens' [c1905]
'Bournville Tenants Ltd.' [c1910]
'Bournville Village Trust - explanatory booklet' [1915-60]
'The Factory in the Garden' [c1910 & c1920]
'The Conversion of Older Houses - Bournville Village Trust' [c1960]
'Good Houses, Weoley Hill Village etc - Weoley Hill Ltd' [1940s]
'Selly Oak Cottages' [1930s]
'Garden Cities and Town Planning' [1925]
'Sixty Years of Planning: The Bournville Experiment' [1950s]
'Information for the New Resident' [1954]
'The Bournville Carillon ' [c1950 & c1970]
'Bournville Village Trust Residents Handbook'[1970 & 1980s]
'Richard Tapper Cadbury, 1768-1860' [1944]
'Elizabeth Mary Cadbury 1858-1951, memorial'
'George Cadbury 1839-1922, memorial'
'When We Build Again' [1941]
'Bournville Village Trust Solar Energy Projects' [1981]
'The Social Mix: The Bournville Experience' by Sarksissian & Heine [1978]


This collection is subject to the standard closure period of 50 years [ie. records that are less than 50 years old may not be served].
However, access may possibly be granted with appropriate written permission. Details provided upon request.
Printed material that has previously been in the public realm is excluded from this closure period.

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