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The Radio Ballads

Illustration for Ballad of John Axon

Illustration by Eric Fraser for the Ballad of John Axon, reproduced with permission of the BBC

The Radio Ballads describe the lives and experience of working people in their own words and music. They are considered classics of radio production.

They have now been released on the Topic label, and a full set of reviews can be seen on the Musical Traditions web site.

  • The Ballad of John Axon - death of a heroic train driver

  • Song of a Road - building the first motorway

  • Singing the Fishing - North Sea herring fishermen

  • The Body Blow - the battle against polio

  • The Fight Game - why boxers fight

  • On the Edge - the experience of growing up

  • The Big Hewer - getting the coal

  • The Travelling People - how gypsies survive

CD copies of these can be purchased from the Archives and Heritage Service. Price £13.99 each, £100 a set of eight.