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Five Ways, Birmingham, in 1935

 Five Ways in 1935, photo

This relaxing 1935 image shows the site of the present Marriott Hotel at Five Ways Island. The photographer is standing at approximately the front entrance of the hotel. The only things in this picture which still exist are the Lloyds Bank on the right of the picture which has been there since 1908 and the clock (erected in 1887) which was removed and renovated when the traffic island was constructed. It was replaced close to its original position on the grass verge dividing the approach roads of Calthorpe Road and Harborne Road. The buildings in the centre of the image became the 1960s shopping centre development of Auchinleck Square with the high-rise Auchinleck House towering over the present day underpass and roundabout. The new roadway opened at the tail-end of the 1960s.

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